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The Daily Mirror: 'A polite reminder...stop nannying us': slippery floors - Timothy Walker, HSE's Director-General responds

Letters Editor London
Daily Mirror
1 Canada Square
E14 5AP

14 April 2004

Dear Sir,

I must correct Sue Carroll's incorrect suggestion (A polite reminder… stop nannying us, 14 April) that the Health and Safety Executive 'insisted on' the floor at Todmorden Town Hall being stripped of polish because it was slippery. HSE did no such thing.

In another inaccuracy, Sue Carroll says that 'mountaineers must face signs telling them snow can be slippery'. Wrong again. There is absolutely no requirement for warning signs on mountains. This is a total and utter myth.

Sue Carroll believes these two examples amount to 'mollycoddling' by government bodies.

I am not sure the families of over 200 workers killed and 28,000 seriously injured at work last year would share her views. HSE recognises you cannot eradicate risk, but we do believe in the application of sensible controls to protect people at work.

Yours faithfully


Updated 2013-01-23