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2008 pipeline seminar - Wellstream audio Q&A

11.55-12.20 - Application of Acoustic Sensors and Strain Sensing to data acquisition on flexible pipes - Wellstream

‘Open Forum - Question and Answers’ session at the end of the presentation by Steve Mills and Andy Roberts of Wellstream International Ltd

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Charlie Smith - Shell. Thanks for the presentation. Just one quick question. You mentioned that in terms of the monitoring you could compare the predicted gas diffusion rates with the actual. Do you have any comment on how the actuals do compare with the predicted?

Andy Roberts – Wellstream (Presenter). Actually I don’t have any data on that but our suggestion is that it can be done. So we don’t have any data being returned to us from how our predictions are actually being seen in real life.

Nick Weppenaar - NKT Flexibles. These fibre optic strain sensors in the armouring layers - are they bonded to the armouring layers in any way?

Andy Roberts – Wellstream (Presenter). Yes, yes they are.

Nick Weppenaar - NKT Flexibles. Thanks.

Yannis Savidis - HSE. Andy you mentioned taking coupons of the polymer and undertaking characterisation. Did you see any degradation or physical ageing of the polymer from those tests?

Andy Roberts – Wellstream (Presenter). Again these systems are being employed so we’re getting some data back but nothing significant to date but there’s been limited data fed back as we stand at the moment.

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