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2008 pipeline seminar - 4Subsea audio Q&A

11.05-11.30 - Integrity Monitoring and Failure Modes of Flexibles - 4Subsea

‘Open Forum - Question and Answers’ session at the end of the presentation by Jan Muren of 4 Subsea AS

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Steve Patterson from Shell. The question I have probably also relates back to the last speaker as well in that one of the problems we have in designing the total system is looking at the CP requirements and really there’s no real clear guidance apart from I think its tucked away in a DNV document somewhere that you’re supposed to look at, or assess a one metre level of damage to the sheath and it’s very difficult to actually design your CP system to actually accommodate protection from the CP.  And the other issue you’ve always got, is you need a circuit so therefore your wires actually have to connect through the end fitting that’s subsea.  Now you have to rely on the suppliers to actually confirm that you have that continuity because they’re all very secretive about their end fittings so you never know for sure whether you have that continuity. So there’s a whole load of issues around CP and I just wondered whether you’ve actually looked at what the actual CP requirements are for these flexibles?

Jan Muren - 4 Subsea (Presenter). I don’t think I have a good answer to that except from I have a comment about fabrication and I’ve been part of the FAT testing on flexibles several times and one of the activities that should be tested and documented is continuity between the end fitting and the wires so normally that is well taken care of but what requirements you should put on when you add anodes that you normally don’t need because you don’t expose any armour steel - I don’t know, sorry.

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