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Importing chemicals - What do I need to know?

This page outlines the regulations on the import of chemicals and how to comply.

Are you an importer of chemicals?

A chemical importer is a person or company that physically introduces a chemical into the customs territory of the European Union (unless the chemical is subject to Customs’ procedures and not remaining in the EU).

You are the importer if you are the consignee for the chemical at the time of import.

The term ‘chemical’ covers both substances and preparations (mixtures of two or more substances).

Regulation (EU) 649/2012 also applies to importers of articles. An ‘article’ is a finished product containing or including a chemical the use of which has been banned or severely restricted by European Community legislation in that particular product (e.g. wood treated with arsenic compounds - see Annex XVII of REACH legislation.

Does the legislation apply to importers?

What do I need to do?

If you import chemicals, you need to consider the type of export (substance, preparation or article and follow our guidance on How to identify restricted or banned imports - step-by-step.

If you have been through the steps in How to identify restricted imports and:

Importer tonnage return templates

You can use our importer tonnage return template to provide this information,