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Part 2 substances - PIC notification procedure

This process combines export notification with the requirement that your DNA seeks explicit consent from the importing country that they wish to receive your goods.

Who does the PIC notification procedure apply to?

What I should be aware of?

You may export a Part 2 chemical if there is :

Your Designated National Authority (DNA) makes the request for consent on your behalf. Consents are not always granted. It takes more than 30 days to gain consent if the importing country does not respond to the first consent request.

When scheduling deliveries of chemical exports to your customers you may need to take into account the time necessary to obtain consent.

Who do I notify?

You need to notify the Designated National Authority (DNA) of the EU country in which the exporter is a registered company, not the DNA of the country from which the export occurs.

UK based companies should contact the Health and Safety Executive, who represents the UK Designated National Authorities (UK DNA). 

To find contact details of other EU DNAs click left hand link 'EU DNA addresses' on EDEXIM home page.

When do I notify?

The PIC notification procedure

An exporter completes a notification electronically at EDEXIM – How to complete a notification using EDEXIM – step-by –step.   Completion of a notification generates a reference identification number (RIN) that exporters need to enter in Box 44 of their Customs’ Single Administrative Document on export.

On receipt,  UK DNA checks that it is complete and correct:

 The importing country either:

Once consent is granted:

If no response is received within 60 days:

On a case-by-case basis, the DNA in consultation with the EU Commission can waive the need for consent if there is official evidence that the chemical is currently licensed, registered or authorised in the importing country.

What does a notifying exporter need to do on export?

What else does a notifying exporter need to do?

Provide  UK DNA in the first quarter of each year with the quantity of each chemical shipped to each country during the preceding year. The report should be specify:

Exporter tonnage return templates

You can use our exporter tonnage return template to provide this information, 

Exporters should report the information to the DNA of the EU country in which their company is registered. This requirement applies to all exports made out of the EU even if the export did not occur from the country in which your company is registered. UK based companies should contact the Health and Safety Executive, who represents the UK Designated National Authorities (UK DNA). 

Updated: 2014-03-04