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How to identify restricted or banned exports or imports - step-by-step

The European Joint Research Centre maintains an on-line database of restricted chemicals.

Here’s how to identify which chemicals you need to look up.

Here’s how to search the database

  1. If you can, find a unique identifying number for the chemical. This is either the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) number or the European Inventory of Existing Commercial Substances (EINECS) number.
  2. Go to
    You will see this screen
  3. Click Search for chemical - top left link
    You will see this screen
  4. Enter the CAS or EINECS number or find the name of the chemical in the drop-down list.
    You may be more familiar with Combined Nomenclature (CN) codes as chemical identifiers, but do not type CN codes in here.
  5. If you cannot find the chemical name in the drop-down list, this
    may be because it is not listed. However, some chemicals are referred to by different names or as part of a group of chemicals (e.g. nonylphenolethoxylates). Check the guidance on finding CAS or EINECS numbers, which are more specific identifiers.
  6. If the substance you searched by CAS or EINECS number is not listed, you will see ‘Warning: EC or CAS not found’. If you are certain that, the number is correct and entered correctly then for this substance, you only have to comply with general export requirements.
  7. If the chemical you searched for is listed, e.g. aldicarb,
    CAS no. 116-06-3, EINECS no. 204-123-2, you will see a screen like this.
    This states which parts of Annex I the substance is listed in. Aldicarb is listed in Parts 1 and 2. You will also find the EU classification from the Dangerous Substances Directive 67/548/EEC.
  8. If the substance is listed in Annex V, you will see the statement ‘Listed in Annex V. It is not possible to export this chemical.’
  9. Repeat this process for all the chemicals you are proposing to export or import.
Updated: 2017-01-03