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Amendment to Annex I of Regulation (EU) No 649/2012 is published - October 2014

Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No 1078/2014 amends Annex I of Regulation (EU) No 649/2012 concerning the export and import of hazardous chemicals and applies from 1 December 2014.

If you export (either as substances or in mixtures/preparations), any of the chemicals listed then you can refer to the Amendment to confirm their identities.

NB.  From 1 March 2014, Regulation (EU) No 649/2012 replaced Regulation (EC) No 689/2008. Both of these regulations are commonly known as the EU Prior Informed Consent (PIC) Regulation.
The Amendment:

The European Chemical Agency (ECHA) has updated their ePIC database (concerning the export and import of hazardous chemicals) to incorporate these amendments.  
Please Note: 

As you may recall the previous amendment to PIC (Regulation EU 167/2014) had no effect due to a legal technicality. This amendment corrects this and brings into effect the amendments listed in that Regulation.

Updated: 2015-01-15