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Proceedings of Aged Sorption of Pesticides Workshop - April 2010

The proceedings of a workshop on aged sorption of pesticides in soil held in York on 27th – 28th April 2010 are now available. The workshop was funded by CRD as part of a research and development project with the aim of drafting guidance on generating and using data on aged sorption of pesticides in soil within regulatory submissions for authorisation of pesticides. The workshop was attended by invited experts from the regulatory, academic and industry communities.

The proceedings consist of:

A Summary report on the workshop and why it was held.

The draft guidance document.

A document detailing the background research supporting the draft guidance.

Presentations detailing the development and theory of the draft guidance:

  1. Introduction of the workshop
  2. Methods for measuring aged sorption
  3. Aged sorption - Reliability of estimated model parameters
  4. Effect of aged-sorption parameters in exposure assessments
  5. Proposed technical guidance for aged sorption studies
  6. Use of aged sorption parameters in exposure assessments
  7. Introduction of breakout session - Day 1
  8. Introduction of breakout session - Day 2

The results of workshop discussion groups.

Original technical notes taken in the workshop discussion groups:
Day 1:

  1. Group 1
  2. Group 2A
  3. Group 2B
  4. Group 3
  5. Group 4A
  6. Group 4B
  7. Group 5

Day 2:

  1. Group 1
  2. Group 2A
  3. Group 2B
  4. Group 3
  5. Group 4
  6. Group 5

and a 'Glossary of terms for guidance' document

It should be noted that the guidance is currently in a draft stage and holds no official status in pesticides regulatory procedures in the UK or Europe as a whole at the time of writing (September 2010).

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