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Environmental Fate Models

Useful spreadsheets for Environmental Fate assessments

PEC Soil: an Excel spreadsheet to calculate PECsoil for multiple application GAPs with different doses and different timings eg due to different interception values at each application or differing application intervals.  The spreadsheet can also be used to calculate active substance accumulation in soil where the active substance field dissipation DT90 is ≥ 1 year.

PECsw Multiple Buffer Zone:  an Excel spreadsheet for multiple application GAPs and a range of buffer zones within the UK (up to 20m for field crops and 50m for orchard type crops)

PEC sw-sed (spraydrift): an Excel spreadsheet for the calculation of surface water and sediment contamination via spraydrift for multiple applications with initial; and Time Weighted Average values for specific distances from water courses.

PECsw-sed(drainage) : an excel spreadsheet for first tier empirical calculation of surface water and sediment contamination via drainflow based on application rate and the substance Koc both within and outside the UK drainflow period (1st October to 30th April).

PEC sw Drift Reduction:  an Excel spreadsheet to calculate the PECsw spraydrift for drift reduction technology (DRT) for multiple applications to field crops.

Updated 2017-12-12