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Ecotox - Don't forget

Changes due to Brexit

Your health and safety responsibilities will not change when the UK leaves the EU. This guidance is under review.

Find the latest information on our Brexit pages

The following list of points relate to common reasons for requests for further information during CRD Ecotox evaluations of product applications:


Please use the EFSA / EU agreed Annex I listing endpoints.

Please ensure that the risk assessments are in line with the correct GAP (Good Agricultural Practice)

Please note that precedents set under COPR are unlikely to be appropriate for post Annex I listing authorisations

For mixed active products the combined risk needs to be assessed (see bird and mammal and aquatic sections for further information)

Birds and mammals

For following zonal / mutual recognition applications, please make sure any bird and mammal refined risk assessment is relevant to the UK (eg choice of focal species, PT, PD, residue decline)

For birds and mammals risk assessments carried out according to the EPPO scheme cannot be used as a precedent for the risk envelope for new authorisations

Aquatic organisms

For zonal assessments the aquatic risk assessment should be carried out according to FOCUS (FOrum for the Co-ordination of Pesticide Fate Models and their USe) in the core registration report with a UK spray drift and drainflow risk assessment included in the UK addendum

Updated 2016-04-17