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Bees and non target arthropods

Changes due to Brexit

Your health and safety responsibilities will not change when the UK leaves the EU. This guidance is under review.

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Current Guidance Document

The main guidance document covering risk assessment for bees and non target arthropods is the Terrestrial Guidance document.

Guidance document on Terrestrial Ecotoxicology in the context of Directive 91/414/EEC (SANCO/10329/2002 rev.2, final) (pdf)

This guidance document references more detailed guidance.


Honeybee toxicity studies

Some testing facilities have conducted acute oral and contact toxicity studies on honeybees that reference OECD 213 and 214, respectively, but that are not strictly in accordance with these protocols. Further details regarding these studies and CRD Statement.

Test No. 213: Honeybees, Acute Oral Toxicity Test

Test No. 214: Honeybees, Acute Contact Toxicity Test

Non target arthropods

In 2002 the Environmental Panel of the Advisory Committee on Pesticides ACP discussed the risk assessment for non-target arthropods in the context of 91/414/EEC. More specifically they discussed the proceedings from the European Standard Characteristics of Non-Target Arthropod Regulatory Testing (ESCORT2 ) workshop (see note below) and how this proposed approach could be incorporated into regulatory risk assessment for UK registration.

Link to Environmental Panel opinion.

These views will be taken into account when assessing the risk to non-target arthropods.

The assessment of the risk to non-target arthropods by ESCORT 2 uses two indicator species and dose response studies. It uses this information to generate a ‘hazard quotient’ for both the in-field and off-field environment.

Guidance on the labelling and risk management strategies for pesticides and non-target arthropods is available in the general guidance on environmental hazard and risk labelling document.

>Note: Guidance Document on Regulatory Testing and Risk Assessment Procedures for Plant Protection Products with Non-Target Arthropods. From the ESCORT 2 Workshop (European Standard Characteristics of Non-Target Arthropod Regulatory Testing). Ed: MP Candolfi, KL Barrett, PJ Campbell, R Forster, N Grandy, M-C Huet, G Lewis, PA Oomen, R Schmuck, H Vogt. Copies of this publication are available from SETAC-Europe (

Updated 2016-10-05