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The Applicant Guide: Commercial withdrawals

Changes due to Brexit

Your health and safety responsibilities will not change when the UK leaves the EU. This guidance is under review.

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How do I commercially withdraw a product?

If you wish to withdraw your product from the market for a commercial reason you should contact us so that your authorisation can be formally withdrawn. We do not charge a fee for carrying out this procedure.

You should write to the Applications Sift:

How do I commercially withdraw an authorised use?

If you wish to withdraw a use from the label of your authorised product you will need to submit an application for the commercial withdrawal of this use as a new authorisation will need to be issued for the product. In your application you must state why you wish the use to be withdrawn.

Minor Amendments

Where the amendment to the authorisation is considered to be of a minor nature and no technical consideration is required, then your application can be processed via the 'Admin' Stream (see the guidance document on application streams and targets for further information). The use will be deleted from your new authorisation and a label amendment will be issued to delete all references to the withdrawn use.

Major Amendments

If your request for withdrawal is more complex, and may potentially involve the checking of your product label, we will conduct a more detailed evaluation which may be considered via the 'No-Data' Stream.

The types of withdrawal that may be given for your product's authorised use are detailed above.

Authorisation holders are not required to make an application to CRD to remove an authorised use from the product label but have the option of doing so.

Authorisation holders should note that the position regarding liability for the consequences of product failure set out in the Consumer Protection Act 1987 continue to apply.

Unless a use is formally withdrawn by means of an application to alter the statutory conditions, the authorisation holder remains liable for any crop damage which may arise so long as the product has been used in accordance with the authorised conditions of use (including during the period of any phased revocation). This applies regardless of whether the use appears on the label. Authorisation holders may wish to consider this when removing a use permanently from the label.

Further information

Updated 2016-10-06