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Paper - Frequently asked questions

Can paper/tissue dust cause health problems?

Being regularly exposed to high levels of any dust, including paper and tissue dust, in a workplace can affect the respiratory system and cause your workers to become ill.  Employers need to ensure they protect their workers who may be affected. 

What do I need to do if I need to remove broke or do other kinds of interventions on machinery?

Intervening with machinery is still one of the biggest causes of injury in paper industries.  To prevent people being injured companies need to ensure they have procedures in place BEFORE intervention is needed to make sure employees are not injured.  This will include providing adequate lock-off equipment and procedures, training and supervision to make sure it is being carried out correctly.  Any procedures should be identified as part of a risk assessment process. 

What is the PABIAC pledge?

PABIAC stands for the Paper and Board Industry Advisory Committee.  In 2012 PABIAC launched their new 3 year strategy to try and improve standards in the paper industry.  The pledge is a way in which individual companies can demonstrate their commitment to the PABIAC strategy.  Companies who choose to sign the pledge identify through an action plan how they will contribute to the strategy through improving and raising standards in their own businesses. 

Updated 2017-09-25