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Structural integrity

Research and development

The structural integrity strategy is tackling challenging issues of asset integrity facing the industry in the next five years. Some aspects are characterised by a lack of knowledge and research is vital for enabling delivery of the strategy.

The research needs emanating from the strategy are given in paragraphs 25 - 40.

Research in structural integrity can be divided into the eight areas below:

Projects in the current research plan include the following:

Topic Area (TA) Project Aims
1 Evaluation of Worldwide Practices on the Structural Integrity Management and Regulation of Ageing Installations To review worldwide approaches to the structural integrity management of ageing installations
1 Structural Integrity Management Framework for Mobile Installations To develop a structural integrity management framework for mobile installations
1 Further Study of Fatigue Damage to Girth Welds From Low Stresses in the Loading Spectrum (JIP) To evaluate the fatigue performance of offshore installations under high cycle / low stress fatigue conditions – a source of significant uncertainty in the prediction of the long-term structural integrity of offshore installations – with a view to developing the ISO standard on fatigue assessment
1 Investigation of Residual Stresses in Welded Joints (JIP) To investigate the influence of residual stresses on the structural integrity performance of offshore installations
1 Updating of offshore accident and incident databases (JIP) To undertake a further bi-annual update of HSE’s accident and incident database for fixed and floating installations
3 Completeness check and Benchmarking of ISO 19905-1 (JIP) To ensure sufficient levels of safety for jack-up site specific assessments
3 Improved Guidelines for the prediction of geotechnical performance of spud can foundations during installation and removal of jack-up units This JIP will investigate the impacts of extreme weather conditions (wind, wave and current) on the maritime integrity of floating platforms leading ultimately to the development of a new design methodology.  It builds on the work and uncertainties in an earlier HSE Research Report RR 357 Expert panel report concerning the survivability of FPSOs in extreme environmental conditions
4 Review and Assessment of Material Property Requirements for Mobile Installations To review and assess the adequacy of the material property requirements in codes, standards and classification society rules for mobile installations
7 Preparation of a Technical Appendix to the Technical Policy Document on structural responses to fires and explosions To review the OSD Technical Policy Document (TPD) to produce an appendix to identify best practice and gaps in knowledge for the structural design, re-assessment and risk assessment/CBA of topsides structures and equipment to resist fire and explosion loads
1 Review of the Structural integrity management aspects of Classification Society Rules for mobile offshore installations To review interaction of Class and DCR
1 Membership of Structural Integrity Monitoring Network SIMONET  
2 Techniques and Technologies  Underpinning the management of Ageing Jacket Integrity Phase 2 Detailed Review of Key Structural Integrity Issues To document technical  methods used to assess ageing issues on fixed installation substructures
1 Pilot Study of Damage Mechanisms in Ageing Offshore Structures To provide insight and document damage mechanisms for offshore structures
3 Second JIP into Age Enhancement of Piles Driven in Sand To investigate and document changes in pile capacity with age

Historical projects

For details of historical reports by topic area please click on the relevant link below:

Updated 2018-06-15