HSE Enforcement Notice System Last Updated: 14 May 2001 Version: P1.0


List of Work Activities

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Also Known as Standard Industrial Classifications (SIC)

Activity Code Short Name Description
01110 CEREALS/OTHER Growing of cereals and crops not elsewhere classified
01120 HORTICULTURE Growing of vegetables, horticultural specialities and nursery products
01130 FRUIT/NUTS/SPICE Growing of fruit, nuts, beverage and spice crops
01210 CATTL/DAIRY FARM Farming of cattle, dairy farming
01220 SHEEP ETC FARM Farming of sheep, goats, horses, asses,mules and hinnies
01230 SWINE FARMING Farming of swine
01240 POULTRY FARM Farming of poultry
01250 OTH ANIMAL FARM Other farming of animals
01300 MIXED FARMING Growing of crops combined with farming of animals ( mixed farming)
01410 AGRI SERVICES Agricultural service activities
01420 ANIMAL HUSBANDRY Animal husbandry service activities, except veterinary activities
01500 HUNTING/GAME Hunting, trapping and game propagation including related service activities
02010 FORESTRY/LOGGING Forestry and logging
02020 FOREST/LOGG SERV Forestry and logging related service activities
05010 FISHING Fishing
05020 FISH HATCH/FARMS Operation of fish hatcheries and fish farms
10100 MINING HARD COAL Mining and agglomeration of hard coal
10101 DEEP COAL MINES Deep coal mines
10102 OPENCAST COAL Opencast coal working
10103 SOLID FUEL MFR Manufacture of solid fuels
10200 MINING/AGG LIGN Mining and agglomeration of lignite
10300 EXTRACT/AGG PEAT Extraction and agglomeration of peat
11100 EXTRACT PETR/GAS Extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas
11200 OIL/GAS SERVICE Service activities incidental to oil and gas extraction excluding surveying
12000 URAN/THOR MINING Mining of uranium and thorium ores
13100 MINING IRON ORES Mining of iron ores
13200 MINING NON-FERRO Mining of non-ferrous metal ores, except uranium and thorium ores
14110 STONE QUARRY Quarrying of stone for construction
14120 LIM/GYP/CHALK QY Quarrying of limestone, gypsum and chalk
14130 SLATE QUARRY Quarrying of slate
14210 GRAVEL/SAND PITS Operation of gravel and sand pits
14220 MINING CLAY/KAOL Mining of clays and kaolin
14300 MINING CHEM/FERT Mining of chemical and fertilizer minerals
14400 SALT PRODUCTION Production of salt
14500 OTH MINING/QUARR Other mining and quarrying not elsewhere specified
15110 PROD/PRES MEAT Production and preserving of meat
15111 SLAUGHTERING Slaughtering of animals other than poultry and rabbits
15112 ANIMAL BYPRODUCT Animal by-product processing
15113 FELLMONGERY Fellmongery
15120 POULTRY MEAT Production and preserving of poultry meat
15130 PROD MEAT/POULT Production o of meat and poultry meat products
15131 BACON/HAM Bacon and ham production
15132 OTH MEAT/POULTRY Other meat and poultry meat processing
15200 FISH /FISH PRODS Processing and preserving of fish and fish products
15201 FISH FREEZING Freezing of fish
15202 OTH FISH PROCESS Other fish processing and preserving
15310 POTATO PROC/PRES Processing and preserving of potatoes
15320 FRUIT/VEG JUICE Manufacture of fruit and vegetable juices
15330 OTH FRUIT/VEG Processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables not elsewhere classified
15410 CRUDE OIL/FATS Manufacture of crude oils and fats
15420 REFINED OIL/FATS Manufacture of refined oil and fats
15430 MARGARINE/FATS Margarine and similar edible fats
15510 DAIRIES/CHEESE Operation of dairies and cheese making
15511 MILK/CREAM Liquid milk and cream production
15512 BUTTER/CHEESE Butter and cheese production
15513 OTH MILK PRODS Manufacture of other milk products
15520 ICE CREAM Manufacture of ice cream
15610 GRAIN MILL PRODS Manufacture of grain mill products
15611 GRAIN/FLOUR MILL Grain milling (includes production of flour)
15612 CEREALS Manufacture of breakfast cereals and cereals-based food
15620 STARCH Manufacture of starches and starch products manufacture
15710 ANIMAL FEEDS Manufacture of prepared feeds for farm animals
15720 PET FOODS Manufacture of prepared pet foods
15810 BREAD AND PASTRY Manufacture of bread and fresh pastry goods and cakes
15820 RUSKS/BISCUITS Manufacture of rusks and biscuits; preserved pastry goods and cakes
15830 SUGAR Manufacture of sugar
15840 COCOA/CHOC /CONF Manufacture of cocoa; chocolate and sugar confectionery
15841 COCOA/CHOCOLATE Manufacture of cocoa and chocolate confectionery
15842 SUGAR/CONFEC Manufacture of sugar confectionery
15850 MACARONI ETC Manufacture of macaroni, noodles, couscous and similar farinaceous products
15860 TEA/COFFEE Processing of tea and coffee
15861 TEA Tea processing
15862 COFFEE/COFF SUBS Production of coffee and coffee substitutes
15870 CONDIMENTS/SEAS Manufacture of condiments and seasonings
15880 HOMOG/DIETETIC Manufacture of homogenised food preparations & dietetic foods
15890 OTHER FOOD Manufacture of other food products not elsewhere classified
15891 SOUPS Manufacture of soups
15892 OTHER FOOD Manufacture of other food products not elsewhere classified
15910 POTABLE SPIRITS Manufacture of distilled potable alcoholic beverages
15920 NEUTRAL ALCOHOL Production of ethyl alcohol from fermented materials
15930 WINES Manufacture of wines
15931 WINE FRESH GRAPE Manufacture of wine of fresh grapes and grape juice
15932 WINE CONC GRAPE Manufacture of wines based on concentrated grape must
15940 CIDER/FRUIT WINE Manufacture of cider and other fruit wines
15941 CIDER/PERRY Manufacture of cider and perry
15942 OTH FERM FRUIT Manufacture of other fermented fruit beverages
15950 OTH FERM DRINK Manufacture of other non-distilled fermented beverages
15960 BREWING Manufacture of Beer
15970 MALTING Manufacture of malt
15980 SOFT DRINKS Production of mineral waters and soft drinks
16000 TOBACCO PRODUCTS Manufacture of tobacco products
17110 PREP/SPIN COTTON Preparation and spinning of cotton-type fibres
17120 PREPSPIN WOOL Preparation and spinning of woollen-type fibres
17130 PREP/SPIN WORST Preparation and spinning of worsted-type fibres
17140 PREP/SPIN FLAX Preparation and spinning of flax-type fibres
17150 PREP SILK Throwing and preparation of silk incl from noils and throwing and texturing of synthetic or artificial filament yarns
17160 SEWING THREADS Manufacture of sewing threads
17170 TEXTILE FIBRES Preparation and spinning of other textile fibres
17210 COTTON WEAVING Cotton-type weaving
17220 WOOLLEN WEAVING Woollen type weaving
17230 WORSTED WEAVING Worsted-type weaving
17240 SILK WEAVING Silk-type weaving
17250 TEXTILE WEAVING Other textile weaving
17300 FINISH TEXTILES Finishing of textiles
17400 MADE-UP TEXT Manufacture of made-up textile articles except apparel
17401 SOFT FURN MANUF Manufacture of soft furnishings
17402 CANVAS GOODS MAN Manufacture of canvas goods, sacks, etc
17403 HOUSEHLD TEXTILE Manufacture of household textiles
17510 CARPETS/RUGS Manufacture of carpets and rugs
17511 WOVEN CARP/RUG Manufacture of woven carpets and rugs
17512 TUFTED CARP/RUG Manufacture of tufted carpets and rugs
17513 OTH CARP/RUGS Manufacture of other carpets and rugs
17520 ROPE/TWINE MANUF Manufacture of cordage, rope,twine and netting
17530 NONWOVEN ARTICS Manufacture of nonwovens and articles made from nonwovens, except apparel
17540 OTHER TEXTILES Manufacture of other textiles not elsewhere classified
17541 LACE Manufacture of lace
17542 NARROW FABRICS Manufacture of narrow fabrics
17543 OTH TEXTILES Manufacture of other textiles not elsewhere classified
17600 KNITTED FABRICS Manufacture of knitted and crocheted fabrics
17710 KNITTED HOSIERY Manufacture of knitted or crocheted hosiery
17720 PULLOVERS ETC Manufacture of knitted and crocheted pullovers,cardigans and similar articles
18100 LEATHER CLOTHES Manufacture of leather clothes
18210 WORKWEAR MANUF Manufacture of workwear
18220 OTHER OUTERWEAR Manufacture of other outerwear
18221 MENS OUTERWEAR Manufacture of other men`s outerwear
18222 LADIES OUTERWEAR Manufacture of other women`s outerwear
18230 UNDERWEAR Manufacture of underwear
18231 MENS UNDERWEAR Manufacture of men`s underwear
18232 LADIES UNDERWEAR Manufacture of womens underwear
18240 OTHER WEAR/ACCS Manufacture of other wearing apparel and accessories not elsewhere classified
18241 HATS MANUFACTURE Manufacture of hats
18242 OTHER WEAR/ACCS Manufacture of other wearing apparel and accessories
18300 DRESS/DYE FUR Dressing and dyeing of fur; manufacture of articles of fur
19100 LEATHER TAN/DRES Tanning and dressing of leather
19200 LUGGAGE MANUF Manufacture of luggage, handbags, saddlery and harness
19300 FOOTWEAR MANUF Manufacture of footwear
20100 WOOD SAW/PLANING Sawmilling and planing of wood, impregnation of wood
20200 VENEER SHEETS Manufacture of veneer sheets;plywood,laminboard, particle board, fibre board and other panels and boards
20300 BUILD CARP/JOIN Manufacture of builder`s carpentry and joinery
20400 WOODEN CONTAINER Manufacture of wooden containers
20510 OTH WOOD PRODS Manufacture of other products of wood
20520 CORK/STRAW Manufacture of articles of cork, straw and plaiting materials
21110 PULP MANUF Maufacture of pulp
21120 PAPER/PAPERBOARD Manufacture of paper and paperboard
21210 CORR PAPER/BOAR Manufacture of corrugated paper and paperboard and of containers of paper and paperboard
21211 CORRUGATED PAPER Manufacture of corrugated paper & paperboard, sacks & bags
21212 CARTONS/BOXES Manufacture of cartons, boxes, cases and other containers
21220 SANITARY GOODS Manufacture of household and sanitary goods and other toilet requisites
21230 PAPER STATIONERY Manufacture of paper stationery
21240 WALLPAPER MANUF Manufacture of wallpaper
21250 OTHER PAPER MAN Manufacture of other articles of paper, paperboard not elsewhere classified
22110 BOOK PUBLISHING Publishing books
22120 NEWSPAPER PUBL Publishing of newspapers
22130 PERIODICAL PUBL Publishing of journals and periodicals
22140 SOUND RECORDING Publishing of sound recordings
22150 OTHER PUBLISHING Other publishing
22210 NEWSPAPER PRINTG Printing of newspapers
22220 OTHER PRINTING Printing not elsewhere classified
22230 BOOK BIND/FINISH Bookbinding and finishing
22240 COM/PLATE MAKING Composition and plate-making
22250 OTHER PRINTING Other activities related to printing
22310 SOUND RECORDING Reproduction of sound recording
22320 VIDEO RECORDING Reproduction of video recording
22330 COMPUTER MEDIA Reproduction of computer media
23100 COKE/OVEN PRODS Manufacture of coke oven products
23200 REF PETROLEUM Manufacture of refined petroleum products
23201 MIN OIL REFINING Mineral oil refining
23202 OTH PETROLEUM Other treatment of petroleum products (excluding petrochemicals)
23300 NUCLEAR FUEL Processing of nuclear fuel
24110 INDUSTRIAL GASES Manufacture of industrial gases
24120 DYES/PIGMENTS Manufacture of dyes & pigments
24130 INORGANIC CHEMS Manufacture of other inorganic basic chemicals
24140 ORGANIC CHEMS Manufacture of other organic basic chemicals
24150 FERTILIZER/NITRO Manufacture of fertilizers and nitrogen compounds
24160 PLASTICS (PRIM) Manufacture of plastics in primary form
24170 SYNTHETIC RUBBER Manufacture of synthetic rubber in primary forms
24200 PESTICIDES Manufacture of pesticides and other agro-chemical products
24300 PAINT/VARN/INK Manufacture of paints, varnishes and similar coatings, printing inks and mastics
24301 PAINT/ VARNISH Manufacture of paints, varnishes and similar coatings
24302 PRINTING INK Manufacture of printing ink
24303 MASTICS/SEALANTS Manufacture of mastics and sealants
24410 BASIC PHARMACS Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products
24420 PHARMAC PREPS Manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations
24421 MEDICAMENTS Manufacture of medicaments
24422 NON-MEDICAMENTS Manufacture of non-medicaments
24510 SOAP/DTERG/CLEAN Manufacture of soap and detergents, cleaning and polishing preparations
24511 SOAP/DETERGENTS Manufacture of soap and detergents
24512 CLEANING/POLISH Manufacture of cleaning and polishing preparations
24520 PERFUMES Manufacture of perfumes and other toilet preparations
24610 EXPLOSIVES Manufacture of explosives
24620 GLUE/GELATINE Manufacture of glues and gelatine
24630 ESSENTIAL OILS Manufacture of essential oils
24640 PHOTO/CHEMICAL Manufacture of photographic chemical materials
24650 UNRECORDED MEDIA Manufacture of prepared unrecorded media
24660 OTHER CHEMICALS Manufacture of other chemical products not elsewhere classified
24700 MAN-MADE FIBRES Manufacture of man-made fibres
25110 TYRES/TUBES Manufacture of rubber tyres and tubes
25120 TYRE RETRD/REBLD Retreading and rebuilding of rubber tyres
25130 OTH RUBBER PRODS Manufacture of other rubber poducts
25210 PLASTIC PLATES Manufacture of plastic plates, sheets, tubes and profiles
25220 PLASTIC PACKING Manufacture of plastic packing goods
25230 PLAST BLDRS WARE Manufacture of builders ware of plastic
25231 PLASTIC FLOORING Manufacture of plastic floor covering
25232 OTH BUILD PLAST Manufacture of other builders' ware of plastic
25240 OTHER PLASTIC Manufacture of other plastic products
26110 FLAT GLASS MANUF Manufacture of flat glass
26120 PROC FLAT GLASS Shaping and processing of flat glass
26130 HOLLOW GLASS Manufacture of hollow glass
26140 GLASS FIBRES Manufacture of glass fibres
26150 OTHER GLASS Manufacture and processing of other glass including technical glassware
26210 CERAMIC/HOUSEHLD Manufacture of ceramic household and ornamental articles
26220 SANITARY FIXTURE Manufacture of ceramic sanitary fixtures
26230 CERAMIC INSULAT Manufacture of ceramic insulators and insulating fittings
26240 OTH TECH CERAMIC Manufacture of other technical ceramic products
26250 OTH CERAMIC PROD Manufacture of other ceramic products
26260 REFRACTORY PROD Manufacture of refractory ceramic products
26300 CERAMIC TILES Manufacture of ceramic tiles and flags
26400 BRICK/TILE(CLAY) Manufacture of brick,tiles and construction products,baked in clay
26510 CEMENT MANUF Manufacture of cement
26520 LIME MANUFACTURE Manufacture of lime
26530 PLASTER MANUF Manufacture of plaster
26610 CONCRETE PRODS Manufacture of concrete products
26620 PLASTER PRODUCTS Manufacture of plaster products for construction purposes
26630 READY MIX CONCR Manufacture of ready mixed concrete
26640 MORTARS MANUF Manufacture of mortars
26650 FIBRE CEMENT Manufacture of fibre cement
26660 CONCRETE/PLAST Manufacture of other articles of concrete, plaster and cement
26700 CUT/FINISH STONE Cutting, shaping and finishing of stone
26810 ABRASIVE PRODS Production of abrasive products
26820 OTH NON-MET MIN Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products not elsewhere classified
26821 ASBESTOS Manufacture of asbestos
26822 OTH NON-METALLIC Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products not elsewhere classified
27100 BASIC IRON/STEEL Manufacture of basic iron and steel and of ferro-alloys (ECSC)
27210 CAST IRON TUBES Manufacture of cast iron tubes
27220 STEEL TUBES Manufacture of steel tubes
27310 COLD DRAWING Cold drawing
27320 COLD ROLLING Cold rolling of narrow strip
27330 COLD FORM/FOLD Cold forming and folding
27340 WIRE DRAWING Wire drawing
27350 OTH IRON/STEEL Other first processing of iron & steel not elsewhere classified; production of non-ECSC ferro-alloys
27410 PRECIOUS METALS Precious metals production
27420 ALUMINIUM Aluminium production
27430 LEAD/ZINC/TIN Lead,zinc and tin production
27440 COPPER Copper production
27450 OTH NON-FERR MET Other non-ferrous metal production
27510 CASTING IRON Casting of iron
27520 CASTING STEEL Casting of steel
27530 CAST LIGHT METAL Casting of light metals
27540 CAST OTH METAL Casting of other non-ferrous metal
28110 METAL STRUCTURES Manufacture of metal structures and parts of structures
28120 CARP/JOIN METALS Manufacture of builders` carpentry and joinery of metals
28210 TANKS/RESERVOIRS Manufacture of tanks,reservoirs and containers of metal
28220 CEN HEAT RAD/BOI Manufacture of central heating radiators and boilers
28300 STEAM GENERATORS Manufacture of steam generators,except central heating hot water boilers
28400 FORGING/PRESSING Forging,pressing,stamping and roll forming of metal; powder metallurgy
28510 TREAT/COAT METAL Treatment and coating of metals
28520 GEN MECH ENGING General mechanical engineering
28610 CUTLERY MANUF Manufacture of cutlery
28620 TOOLS MANUF Manufacture of tools
28630 LOCKS/HINGES Manufacture of locks and hinges
28710 STEEL DRUMS Manufacture of steel drums and similar containers
28720 LIGHT MET PACKAG Manufacture of light metal packaging
28730 WIRE PRODUCTS Manufacture of wire products
28740 MACHINE PRODS Manufacture of fasteners,screw machine products, chain and springs
28750 OTH FAB METAL Manufacture of other fabricated metal products not elsewhere classified
29110 ENGINES/TURBINES Manufacture of engines and turbines, except aircraft, vehicle and cycle engines
29120 PUMPS/COMPS Manufacture of pumps and compressors
29121 PUMPS Manufacture of pumps
29122 COMPRESSORS Manufacture of compressors
29130 TAPS / VALVES Manufacture of taps and valves
29140 BEARINGS/GEARS Manufacture of bearing,gears,gearing and driving elements
29210 FURNACES/BURNERS Manufacture of furnaces and furnace burners
29220 LIFT/HAND EQUIP Manufacture of lifting and handling equipment
29230 NON-DOM COOL/VEN Manufacture of non-domestic cooling and ventilation equipment
29240 OTHER MACHINERY Manufacture of other general purpose machinery not elsewhere classified
29310 AGRIC TRACTORS Manufacture of agricultural tractors
29320 OTH AGRI MACHINE Manufacture of other agricultural and forestry machinery
29400 MACHINE TOOLS Manufacture of machine tools
29510 METALLURGY MACH Manufacture of machinery for metallurgy
29520 MACH MIN/QUA/CON Manufacture of machinery for mining, quarrying and construction
29521 MINING MACHINERY Manufacture of machinery for mining
29522 EARTHMOVING EQPT Manufacture of earth-moving equipment
29523 CONCRETE CRUSH Manufacture of equipment for concrete crushing and screening and roadworks
29530 FOOD/BEV/TOB MCH Machinery for food,beverage and tobacco processing
29540 TEXT/LEATHER MCH Machinery for textile,apparrel and leather production
29550 PAPER/BOARD MACH Manufacture of machinery for paper and paperboard production
29560 OTH SPEC MACHRY Manufacture of other special purpose machinery not elsewhere classified
29600 WEAPONS/AMMUN Manufacture of weapons and ammunition
29710 ELEC DOM APPLS Manufacture of electric domestic appliances
29720 NON-ELEC DOM APP Manufacture of non-Electric domestic appliances
30010 OFFICE MACHINERY Manufacture of office machinery
30020 COMPUTER/OTH IP Manufacture of computer and other information processing equipment
31100 ELEC MOTOR /GENS Manufacture of electric motors,generators and transformers
31200 ELEC DIST/CONT Manufacture of electricity distribution and control apparatus
31300 INS WIRE/CABLE Manufacture of insulated wire and cable
31400 ACCUM/CELL/BATTS Manufacture of accumulators, primary cells and primary batteries
31500 LIGHTING EQPT Manufacture of lighting equipment and electric lamps
31610 ELEC EQP ENG/VEH Manufacture of electrical equipment for engines and vehicles not elsewhere classified
31620 OTH ELEC EQPT Manufacture of other electrical equipment not elsewhere classified
32100 VALVES /TUBES Manufacture of electronic valves and tubes and other electric components
32200 TV/RADIO/TELE Manufacture of television and radio transmitters and apparatus for line telephony and line telegraphy
32201 TELEGRAPH/PHONE Manufacture of telegraph and telephone apparatus and equipment
32202 RADIO/ELEC GOODS Manufacture of radio and electronic capital goods
32300 TV//RADIO/VIDEO Manufacture of television and radio receivers, sound or video recording or reproducing app and ass goods
33100 MED SURG/ORTH Manufacture of medical and surgical equipment and orthopaedic appliances
33200 MEAS/CHECK/TEST Manufacture of instruments and appliances for measuring, checking, testing, navigating and other purposes, except industrial process control equipment
33201 ELEC INST/APPLS Manufacture of electronic instruments and appliances for measuring, checking, testing, navigating and other purposes except industrial process control equipment
33202 NON ELEC INS/APP Manufacture of non Electric instruments and appliances for measuring, checking, testing, navigating and other purposes except industrial process control equipment
33300 IND PROC CONTROL Manufacture of industrial process control equipment
33301 EL PROC CON EQPT Manufacture of electronic industrial process control equipment
33302 NON EL PROC CON Manufacture of non-electronic industrial process control equipment
33400 OPTICAL/PHOTO Manufacture of optical instruments and photographic equipment
33401 SPECTACLES Manufacture of spectacles and unmounted lenses
33402 OPTICAL PRECISIO Manufacture of optical precision instruments
33403 PHOTO/CINE EQPT Manufacture of photographic and cinematographic equipment
33500 WATCHES/CLOCKS Manufacture of watches and clocks
34100 MOTOR VEHICLES Manufacture of motor vehicles
34200 BODIES(COACHWRK) Manufacture of bodies(coachwork) for motor vehicles; manufacture of trailers and semi_trailers
34201 COACHWORK MV Manufacture of bodies (coachwork) for motor vehicles except caravans
34202 TRAILERS/SEMI Manufacture of trailers and semi trailers
34203 CARAVANS Manufacture of caravans
34300 ENGINE PARTS MV Manufacture of parts and accessories for motor vehicles and their engines
35110 SHIPBUILD/REPAIR Building and repairing of ships
35120 BOAT BUILD/REP Building and repairing of pleasure and sporting boats
35200 RAIL/TRAM LOCOS Railway and tramway locomotives and rolling stock
35300 AIR/SPACE CRAFT Manufacture of aircraft and spacecraft
35410 MOTORCYCLES Manufacture of motorcycles
35420 BICYCLES Manufacture of bicycles
35430 INVALID CARRS Manufacture of invalid carriages
35500 OTH TRANSPORT Other transport equipment not elsewhere classified
36110 CHAIRS /SEATS Manufacture of chairs and seats
36120 OFFICE/SHOP FURN Manufacture of other office and shop furniture
36130 OTH KITCHEN FUR Manufacture of other kitchen furniture
36140 OTH FURNITURE Manufacture of other furniture
36150 MATTRESS MANUF Manufacture of mattresses
36210 COIN/MEDAL STRKG Striking of coins and medals
36220 JEWELLERY Jewellery and related articles not elsewhere classified
36300 MUSICAL INSTRMTS Manufacture of musical instruments
36400 SPORTS GOODS Manufacture of sports goods
36500 GAMES AND TOYS Manufacture of games and toys
36501 GAMES/TOYS PROF Manufacture of professional and arcade games and toys
36502 OTH GAMES/TOYS Manufacture of other games and toys not elsewhere classified
36610 IMITATION JEWEL Manufacture of imitation jewellery
36620 BROOMS/BRUSHES Manufacture of brooms and brushes
36630 OTH MANUFACTURE Other manufacturing not elsewhere classified
36631 MISC STATIONERY Miscellaneous stationers` goods
36632 OTHER MANUF NEC Other manufacturing not elsewhere classified
37100 RECYCLING METAL Re-Cycling of metal waste and scrap
37200 RECYCLING NONMET Recycle of non-metal waste and scrap
40100 ELECTRICITY Production and distribution of electricity
40101 ELEC GENERATION Electricity generation
40102 ELEC TRANS/SUPPL Electricity transmission, distribution and supply
40200 GAS MANUF/DIST Manufacture of gas; distribution of gaseous fuels through mains
40300 STEAM/HOT WATER Steam and hot water supply
41000 WATER COL/PU/DIS Collection, purification and distribution of water
45110 DEMOLITION Demolition and wrecking of buildings; earth moving
45120 DRILLING/BORING Test drilling and boring
45210 CONSTRUCTION BLD Construction of buildings and civil engineering works.
45220 ROOF COVER/FRAME Erection of roof covering and frames
45230 HIGHWAY/ROAD ETC Construction of highways,roads,airfields and sports facilities
45240 WATER PROJECT Construction of water projects
45250 OTH CONST (SPEC) Other construction work involving special trades
45310 INST ELEC WIRING Installation of electrical wiring and fitting
45320 INSULATION WORK Insulation work activities
45330 PLUMBING Plumbing
45340 OTH BUILD INSTAL Other building installation
45410 PLASTERING Plastering
45420 JOINERY INSTALL Joinery installation
45430 FLOOR/WALL COVER Floor and wall covering
45440 PAINTING/GLAZING Painting and glazing
45450 OTH BUILD COMPL Other building completion
45500 RENTING CONST/DE Renting of construction or demolition equipment with operator
50100 MOTOR VEH SALE Sale of motor vehicles
50200 MAINT/REP M VEHS Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
50300 MV PART/ACC SALE Sale of motor vehicle parts and accessories
50400 MCYCLE SALE/REP Sale, maintenance and repair of motorcycles and related parts and accessories
50500 AUTO FUEL RETAIL Retail sale of automotive fuel
51110 AGENTS AGRICULT Agents involved in the sale of agricultural raw materials,live animals,textile raw,semi finished goods.
51120 AGENTS FUELS Agents involved in the sale of fuels,ores,metals and industrial chemicals
51130 AGENTS TIMBER Agents involved in the sales of timber and building materials
51140 AGENTS MACHINERY Agents involved in the sale of machinery,industrial equipment, ships and aircraft
51150 AGENTS FURNITURE Agents involved in the sale of furniture,household goods, hardware and ironmongery
51160 AGENTS TEXTILES Agents involved in the sale of textiles, clothing,footwear and leather goods
51170 AGENTS F/BEV/TOB Agents involved in the sales of food, beverages and tobacco
51180 AGENTS OTH PRODS Agents involved in the sale of particular products not elsewhere classified
51190 AGENTS VAR GOODS Agents involved in the sale of a variety of goods
51210 WSALE GRAIN/FEED Wholesale of grain,seeds and animal feeds
51220 WSALE FLOW/PLANT Wholesale of flowers and plants
51230 WSALE LIVE ANMLS Wholesale of live animals
51240 WSALE HIDE/SKIN Wholesale of hides,skins and leather
51250 WSALE UNMAN TOB Wholesale of unmanufactured tobacco
51310 WSALE FRUIT/VEG Wholesale of fruit and vegetables
51320 WSALE MEAT Wholesale of meat and meat products
51330 WSALE DAIRY/EGGS Wholesale of dairy produce, eggs and edible oils and fat
51340 WSALE ALCOHOL Wholesale of alcoholic and other beverages
51350 WSALE TOBACCO Wholesale of tobacco products
51360 WSALE SUGAR/CHOC Wholesale of sugar and chocolate and sugar confectionery
51370 WSALE COFF/TEA Wholesale of coffee,tea,cocoa and spices
51380 WSALE OTH FOOD Wholesale of other food including fish,crustaceans and molluscs
51390 WSALE NONSP FOOD Non-specialised wholesale of food,beverages and tobacco
51410 WSALE TEXTILES Wholesale of textiles
51420 WSALE CLOTH/FOOT Wholesale of clothing and footwear
51430 WSALE ELEC APP Wholesale of electrical household appliances and radio and television goods
51440 WSALE CHINA/GLAS Wholesale of china and glassware, wallpaper and cleaning materials
51450 WSALE PERF/COSM Wholesale of perfume and cosmetics
51460 WSALE PHARMCAL Wholesale of pharmaceutical goods
51470 WSALE OTH HHOLD Wholesale of other household goods
51471 WSALE FURNITURE Wholesale of furniture
51472 WSALE OTH HOUSE Wholesale of other household goods not elsewhere classified
51510 WSALE FUELS/PROD Wholesale of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels and related products
51511 WSALE PETROLEUM Wholesale of petroleum and petroleum products
51512 WSALE OTH FUELS Wholesale of other fuels and related products
51520 WSALE METALS Wholesale of metals and metal ores
51530 WSALE WOOD/CONST Wholesale of wood, construction materials and sanitary equipment
51540 WSALE HARDWARE Wholesale of hardware, plumbing and heating equipment and supplies
51550 WSALE CHEM PRODS Wholesale of chemical products
51560 WSALE OTH INTMED Wholesale of other intermediate products
51570 WSALE WASTE Wholesale of waste and scrap
51610 WSALE MACH TOOLS Wholesale of machine tools
51620 WSALE CONST MACH Wholesale of construction machinery
51630 WSALE TEXT MACH Wholesale of machinery for the textile industry,and sewing and knitting machines
51640 WS OFFICE MACH Wholesale of office machinery and equipment
51650 WS OTH MACHINE Wholesale of other machinery for use in industry, trade and navigation
51660 WS AGRI MACHINE Wholesale of agricultural machinery and accessories and implements including tractors
51700 OTHER WHOLESALE Other wholesale
52110 RET NON SP(FOOD) Retail sale in non-specialised stores with food, beverages or tobacco predominating
52120 RET OTH NON-SPEC Other retail sale in non-specialised stores
52210 RETAIL FRUIT/VEG Retail sale of fruit and vegetables
52220 RETAIL MEAT Retail sale of meat and meat products
52230 RETAIL FISH Retail sale of fish, crustaceans and molluscs
52240 RET BREAD/CONF Retail sale of bread,cakes,flour confectionery and sugar confectionery
52250 RET ALCO/OTH BEV Retail sale of alcohol and other beverages
52260 RETAIL TOBACCO Retail sale of tobacco products
52270 RET OTH SPECIAL Other retail sale of food, beverages and tobacco in specialised stores
52310 DISP CHEMISTS Dispensing chemists
52320 RETAIL MEDICAL Retail sale of medical and orthopaedic goods
52330 RETAIL COSMETIC Retail sale of cosmetic and toilet articles
52410 RETAIL TEXTILES Retail sale of textiles
52420 RETAIL CLOTHING Retail sale of clothing
52430 RET FOOT/LEATHER Retail sale of footwear and leather goods
52440 RET FURN/LIGHTG Retail sale of furniture, lighting equipment and household goods not elsewhere classified
52450 RET ELEC APPLS Retail sale of electrical household appliances and radio and television goods
52460 RET HWARE/PAINT Retail sale of hardware, paint and glass
52470 RET BOOKS/NEWS Retail sale of books, newspapers and stationary
52480 OTH RETAIL SPEC Other retail sale in specialised stores
52481 RET FLOOR COV Retail sale of floor coverings
52482 RET PHOTO/OPTIC Retail sale of photographic/ optical and precision equipment, office supplies (including computers etc)
52483 RET OTH/SPECIAL Other retail sale in specialised stores not elsewhere classified
52500 RET SECOND HAND Retail sale of second hand goods in stores
52610 RET MAIL ORDER Retail sale via mail order houses
52620 RET STALL/MARKET Retail sale via stalls and markets
52630 OTH NON RETAIL Other non retail sale
52710 REPAIR BOOTS ETC Repair of boots,shoes and other articles of leather
52720 REP ELEC GOODS Repair of electrical household goods
52730 REPAIR JEWELLERY Repair of watches, clocks and jewellery
52740 REPAIR OTHER Repair not elsewhere classified
55110 HOTELS/MOTEL (R) Hotels and motels with restaurant
55111 LIC HOTEL/MOTEL Licensed hotels and motels
55112 UNLIC HOT/MOT Unlicensed hotels and motels
55120 HOT/MOT NO RESTN Hotels and motels, without restaurants
55210 YTH HOST/MT REFU Youth hostels and mountain refuges
55220 CAMP/CARAVN SITE Camping sites, including caravan sites
55230 OTHER LODGINGS Other provision of lodgings not elsewhere classified
55231 HOLIDAY CENTRE Holiday centres and holiday villages
55232 OTH SELF-CATER Other self catering holiday accommodation
55233 OTH SHORT STAY Other tourist or short stay accommodation
55300 RESTAURANTS Restaurants
55301 LIC RESTAURANT Licensed restaurants
55302 UNLIC RESTAURANT Unlicensed restaurants
55303 TAKE-AWAY FOOD Take-away food shops
55400 BARS Bars
55401 LIC CLUBS+ENT Licensed clubs with entertainment
55402 PUBS/BARS Public houses and bars
55510 CANTEENS Canteens
55520 CATERING Catering
60100 RAILWAY TRANSP Transport via railway
60101 INTERCITY RAIL Intercity (rail) services
60102 OTH RAIL TRANSP Other transport via railways
60210 OTH LAND TRANSP Other scheduled passenger land transport
60211 INTERCITY COACH Inter city coach services
60212 OTH SCHD PASS LT Other scheduled passenger land transport not elsewhere classified
60220 TAXI OPERATION Taxi operation
60230 OTH PASSENGER LT Other passenger land transport
60240 FREIGHT BY ROAD Freight transport by road
60300 TRANSP VIA PIPE Transport via pipelines
61100 SEA/COAST TRANSP Sea and coastal water transport
61101 PASS SEA TRANSP Passenger sea and coastal water transport
61102 FREIGHT SEA Freight sea and coastal water transport
61200 INLAND WATER Inland water transport
61201 PAS INLAND WATER Passenger inland water transport
61202 OTH INLAND WATER Other inland water transport
62100 AIR TRANSP (SCH) Scheduled air transport
62101 PASS AIR TRAN(S) Scheduled passenger air transport
62102 OTH SCHED AIR Other scheduled air transport
62200 AIR TRANS (NSCH) Non scheduled air transport
62201 PAS AIR TRAN(NS) Non-scheduled passenger air transport
62202 OTH AIR TRAN(NS) Other non-scheduled air transport
62300 SPACE TRANSPORT Space transport
63110 CARGO HANDLING Cargo handling
63120 STORAGE/WHOUSE Storage and warehousing
63210 OTH LAND TRANSP Other supporting land transport activities
63220 OTH WATER TRANSP Other supporting water transport activities
63230 OTH AIR TRANSP Other supporting air transport activities
63300 TRAV AGENT/OPER Activities of travel agencies and tour operators; tourist assistance activities not elsewhere classified
63301 TRAVEL AGENT Activities of travel agencies
63302 TRAVEL ORGANISER Activities of travel organisers
63303 TOUR GUIDE Activities of tour guides
63304 OTH TOURIST Other tourist assistance activities not elsewhere classified
63400 OTH TRANS AGENCY Activities of other transport agencies
64110 NATIONAL POST National post activities
64120 COURIER Courier activities other than national post activities
64200 TELECOMMS Telecommunications
65110 CENTRAL BANKING Central banking (Bank of England)
65120 OTH MONEY INTER Other monetary intermediation
65121 BANKS Banks
65122 BUILDING SOCIETY Building societies
65210 FINANCIAL LEASNG Financial leasing
65220 OTH CREDIT GRANT Other credit granting
65221 CRED GRANT NON-D Credit granting by non-deposit taking finance houses and other consumer credit
65222 FACTORING Factoring
65223 MORTGAGE FINANCE Activities of mortgage finance companies
65224 OTHER CREDIT Other credit granting not elsewhere classified
65230 OTH FIN INTERMED Other financial intermediation not elsewhere classified
65231 INVESTMENT TRUST Activities of investment trusts
65232 UNIT TRUSTS Activities of unit trusts and property unit trusts
65233 SECURITY DEALING Security dealings on own account
65234 BANK HOLDING CO Activities of bank holding companies
65235 VENTURE/CAPITAL Activities of venture and development capital companies
65236 FINANCIAL INTMED Financial intermediation not elsewhere classified
66010 LIFE INSURANCE Life insurance
66020 PENSION FUNDING Pension funding
66030 NONLIFE INSURNCE Non-life insurance
67110 ADMIN FIN MKTS Administration of financial markets
67120 SEC BROKE/FUND Security broking and fund mgt
67121 FUND MANGT Fund management activities
67122 SECURITY BROKING Security broking and related activities
67130 FINANCIAL AUX Activities auxiliary to financial intermediation not elsewhere classified
67200 INSURANCE AUX Activities auxiliary to insurance and pension funding
70110 REAL ESTATE DEV Development and selling of real estate
70120 REAL ESTATE(OWN) Buying and selling of own real estate
70200 LETT OWN PROPTY Letting of own property
70201 LETTING CONF/EXH Letting of conference and exhibition centres
70202 OTH LETTING OWN Other letting of own property
70310 REAL EST AGENCY Real estate agencies
70320 REAL EST MNGT Management of real estate on a fee or contract basis
71100 AUTO RENTING Renting of automobiles
71210 OTH LAND TRAN EQ Renting of other land transport equipment
71211 PASS/TRANS RENT Renting of passenger land transport equipment
71212 OTH TRANSP RENT Renting of other land transport
71220 RENT WATER TRANS Renting of water transport equipment
71221 WATER PASS RENT Renting of passenger water transport equipment
71222 OTH WATER RENT Renting of other water transport equipment
71230 RENT AIR TRANSP Renting of air transport equipment
71231 AIR PASS TR RENT Renting of passenger air transport equipment
71232 AIR OTH TR RENT Renting of other air transport equipment
71310 AGR MACH RENTING Renting of agricultural machinery and equipment
71320 CON/CIV ENG RENT Renting of construction and civic engineering machinery equipment
71330 OFFICE MACH RENT Renting of office machinery and equipment including computers
71340 OTH MACH RENT Renting of other equipment not elsewhere classified
71400 RENT PERS/HHOLD Renting of personal and household goods not elsewhere classified
71401 SPORT EQPT RENT Renting of sporting and recreational equipment
71402 OTH HOUSHLD RENT Renting of other personal and household goods not elsewhere classified
72100 HARDWARE CONSULT Hardware consultancy
72200 SOFTWARE CON/SUP Software consultancy and supply
72300 DATA PROCESSING Data processing
72400 DATA BASE ACTIVS Data base activities
72500 MAIN/REP OFF MAC Maintenance and repair of office, accounting and computing machinery
72600 OTH COMPUTER Other computer related activities
73100 RES/DEV NAT SCI Research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering
73200 RES/DEV SOC SCI Research and experimental development on social sciences and humanities
74110 LEGAL ACTIVITIES Legal activities
74120 ACCNT/BOOKKEEP Accounting, book keeping and auditing activities; tax consultancy
74130 MARKET RESEARCH Market research and public opinion polling
74140 BUS/MNGT CONSULT Business and management consultancy activities
74150 MNGT HOLDING CO Management activities holding companies
74200 ARCHITECT/ ENG Architectural and engineering activities and related technical consultancy
74300 TECH TEST/ANALYS Technical testing and analysis
74400 ADVERTISING Advertising
74500 LAB RECRUIT/PERS Labour recruitment and provision on personnel
74600 INVEST/SECURITY Investigation and security activities
74700 IND CLEANING Industrial cleaning
74810 PHOTOGRAPHIC Photographic activities
74820 PACKAGING Packaging activities
74830 SECRETARY/TRANSL Secretarial and translation activities
74840 OTH BUSINESS Other business activities not elsewhere classified
75110 GEN PUB SERVICES General (overall) public service activities
75120 REG SOC SERV AGS Regulation of the activities of agencies that provide health care,education excluding social security
75130 REG BUSINESS Regulation of and contribution to more efficient operation of business
75140 GOVT SUPP/SERV Supporting service activities for the government as a whole
75210 FOREIGN AFFAIRS Foreign affairs
75220 DEFENCE Defence activities
75230 JUSTICE/JUDICIAL Justice and judicial activities
75240 PUBLIC SECURITY Public security, law and order
75250 FIRE SERVICE Fire service activities
75300 SOCIAL SECURITY Compulsory social security activities
80100 PRIM EDUCATION Primary education
80210 SEC EDUCATION General secondary education
80220 TECH/VOC EDUC Technical and vocational secondary education
80300 HIGHER EDUCATION Higher education
80301 SUB-DEGREE HIGH Sub-degree higher level education
80302 FIRST DEGREE First degree higher level education
80303 POSTGRAD HIGH ED Postgraduate higher level education
80410 DRIVING SCHOOL Driving school activities
80420 ADULT/OTH EDUCAT Adult and other education not elsewhere classified
80421 PRIVATE TRAINING Activities of private training providers
80422 OTH ADULT/OTH ED Other adult and other education not elsewhere classified
85110 HOSPITAL Hospital activities
85120 MEDICAL PRACTICE Medical practice activities
85130 DENTAL PRACTICE Dental practice activities
85140 OTH HUMAN HEALTH Other human health activities
85200 VETERINARY Veterinary activities
85310 SOCIAL WORK(ACC) Social work activities with accommodation
85320 SOCIAL WORK (NA) Social work activities without accommodation
90000 SEWAGE/REF DISP Sewage and refuse disposal,sanitation and similar activities
91110 BUS/EMPL ORG Activities of business and employers organisations
91120 PROFESSIONAL ORG Activities of professional organisations
91200 TRADE UNIONS Activities of trade unions
91310 RELIGIOUS ORG Activities of religious organisations
91320 POLITICAL ORG Activities of political organisations
91330 OTH MEMBSHIP ORG Activities of other membership organisations not elsewhere classified
92110 MOT PIC/VID PROD Motion picture and video production
92120 MOT PIC/VID DIST Motion picture and video distribution
92130 MOT PIC PROJ Motion picture projection
92200 RADIO /TV Radio and television activities
92310 ARTISTIC/LITERY Artistic and literary creation and interpretation
92311 LIVE THEATRE Live theatrical presentations
92312 OTHER ARTISTIC Other artistic and literary creation and interpretation
92320 ARTS FACILITIES Operation of arts facilities
92330 FAIR/AMUSE PARK Fair and amusement park activities
92340 OTH ENTERTAIN Other entertainment activities not elsewhere classified
92400 NEWS AGENCY News agency activities
92510 LIBRARY/ARCHIVES Library and archive activities
92520 MUSEUM/PRESERVN Museum activities and preservation of historical sites and buildings
92530 BOT/ZOO GARDENS Botanical and zoological and nature reserve activities
92610 SPORTS ARENAS Operation of sports arenas and stadiums
92620 OTH SPORTING Other sporting activities
92710 GAMBLING/BETTING Gambling and betting activities
92720 OTH RECREATIONAL Other recreational activities not elsewhere classified
93010 WASH/DRY CLEAN Washing and dry cleaning of textile and fur products
93020 HAIR/BEAUTY Hairdressing and other beauty treatments
93030 FUNERAL Funeral and related activities
93040 PHYS WELL-BEING Physical well-being activities
93050 OTHER SERVICE Other service activities not elsewhere classified
95000 PRIV HOUSE(EMPL) Private households with employed persons
99000 EXTRATERRITORIAL Extra territorial organisations and bodies