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Simple Search - Example 1

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Example 1.    Using Recipients Name to Find Notice Details 

Use the following steps to find All Notices relating to a Recipient. It doesn't matter whether you use capital letters or not, as Jones, jones and JONES are regarded as the same.

1    On the Home Page, click on Simple Search

2    Select All Notices by clicking on the circle alongside All Notices.

3    Click on Continue

4    In the Search Item box select Recipient's name.

5    Click on Continue

Simple search recipient graphic

6    In the Enter (part of)  text field type the Recipient's Name.

      Please Note:  

The search will be done using the complete text you entered, i.e. Jones Ltd, will return Results with "Jones Ltd" as the Recipient's Name, NEITHER  "Jones" nor

"Jones Bakery Ltd"  will appear in the Results List. only were text appearing sequentially in the Recipient's name, i.e. Jones Bakery, will all occurences of

Jones Bakery be found, this will include all companies on the database where Jones Bakery appears in the name.

7    Click on Go to begin your search.

8    In a few moments, a hit list of Notices about the Recipient you entered, is displayed. 

9    Click on the Notice Number to view the Notice in more detailE.g. Notice Summary, Location of Offence, Date Notice is issued and HSE Details.

10  Use the Back button on the Toolbar, to return to the list of Notices.


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