HSE Enforcement Notice System Last Updated: 14 May 2001 Version: P1.0


Notice, Breach and Recipient

Hit Lists and Details

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Notice Hit List

The Notice hit list displays the results of your search for Notices - it provides you with a summary of the Notices which met your search criteria. From here you can select an individual Notice to find out more Details.

What information is displayed on the Notice hit list?

No matter which search item you used to find Notices, the Notice List will always display the Notice Number, Recipient's Name, Notice Type, Date Notice was Issued, Local Authority and Main Activity for every case that matched your search criteria, as shown below. For searches against Improvement Notices  only, the list will also display Compliance Date and Notice Result.

The hitlist also displays the number of results that match your search criteria e.g. "134 Matching results found from 2000 records : Showing Page 1 of 14,  results 1 to 10". The hit list displays a maximum of 10 entries per page.

Notice hitlist graphic

How to select a Notice from the list

Notice number graphic- The Notice Number uniquely identifies the Notice.

By clicking on the Notice Number, more Notice Details are displayed.

If the Notice does not appear on the first page - click on the page number link i.e. 1 2 3 4 at the bottom of the page, to view the other pages .

How to re-sort the Notice hit list

You can re-sort any of the following columns Notice Number, Recipient's Name, Notice Type, Issued Date, Compliance Date, Notice Result, Local Authority and Main Activity in "Ascending (A to Z)" or "Descending (Z to A)" order.

To do this, simply select one of the above column names from the drop down list and click go .

sort by list graphic

The Notice hit list will then refresh to display the Notices in the new sort order.

Notice Detail

The Notice Detail screen contains the full description of the selected Notice i.e: