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Map of evidence

The icons on the map relate to photographs and video footage from different areas of the Buncefield site, before, during and after the explosion.

Map of the Buncefield site Key for the map of the Buncefield site

Evidence G26b

Footage from CCTV camera G26b showing petrol vapour forming

Additional Image 20

Crushed car in the Fuji car park

Evidence T8

Footage from CCTV camera T8 showing man walking through petrol vapour

Image 0512-042/108

Crushed van near the NE corner of the Northgate building

Evidence G15

Footage from CCTV camera G15 showing petrol vapour forming

TAV Switch

Animation showing the operation of a TAV switch

Buncefield site damage

Footage showing damage to the Northgate Building

Buncefield site damage

Footage showing damage to fuel storage tanks

Image 0512-041/18

Crushed car in front of Northgate generator

Image 0512-042/80

Crushed vehicles and the Northgate building

Evidence YR & YL

Footage from CCTV cameras YR and YL showing parked vehicles and explosion rocking the cameras

Evidence C5

Footage from CCTV camera C5 showing impact on the side of a building during the explosion

Evidence C10

Footage from CCTV camera C10 showing caravan and flying debris

Control Room

Photographs of the Buncefield control room

Updated 2015-06-15