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HSE Nanotechnology research outline tables

Description Progress

The work provides an information bulletin service for HSE reviewing studies on exposure and potential health effects of nanomaterials relevant to the occupational setting. The bulletins are available on HSE’s website.

Issues are available on HSE's website. New issues are imminent including a Carbon Nanotube special edition.

NMP-2007-1.3-5 - NanoImpactNet
HSL continuation of the HSE NanoAlert bulletin, and involvement in NMP-2007-1.3-5:

Project details can be found at:

NanoImpactNet web site  

EU-FP7 Nanodevice
The aims of the project that HSL contributes to are:

  • To determine the important physical, chemical and toxicological characteristics of nanoparticles to determine the generic relationships (if any) between measurement matrices and health effects.
  • To develop and explore relevant workplace scenarios in which the resultant instruments would have to be used.
  • Communication and use of results

Project details can be found at:


Assessment of workplace exposure and control measures
Programme of field visits to measure the levels of nanoparticle exposure and assess the effectiveness of control measures.

First visit arranged for February 2011

Assessment of emissions of particles from printers and photocopiers
Initially a review of work in this area will be carried out to obtain the most up-to-date information. We will make use of a large clean air test cabin to determine the emission rates of particles from a range of printers and photocopiers.

Project Completed

Report due 4Q ’10 – ‘11.

Investigation of the use of enclosures to estimate exposure to engineered nanoparticles in universities and industrial workplaces
HSL to develop a measurement technique that encloses the process/instrument in order to avoid background natural nanoparticle contamination.

Project completed

Report due 4Q ‘10 – ‘11.

Investment Research Programme – Nanochallenge

Project completed. Details and reports can be found at:

Health and Safety Laboratory - NanoChallenge (2006-2009)

Investigation of the fire and explosion properties of nanopowders (R03.038/9926)

Project completed

Final Report Fire and explosion properties of nanopowders.

Literature Review into the explosion hazards associated with nanoparticles

HSL project completed.

Literature review

Explosion properties of nanometric aluminium and nickel powder

Project completed. Results used to inform further investigation.

(R03.037) Explosion Properties of Nanometric Aluminium and Nickel Powder

Review of the occupational hygiene implications of the manufacture and use of nanoparticles.

IoM project completed.

RR274 - Nanoparticles: An occupational hygiene review

Health effects of particles produced for nanotechnologies

HSE toxicology review.

Health effects of particles produced for nanotechnologies

Review of the adequacy of current regulatory regimes to secure effective regulation of nanoparticles created by nanotechnology

HSE review.

Review of the adequacy of current regulatory regimes to secure effective regulation of nanoparticles created by nanotechnology

Report on possible in vitro approaches to nano-toxicology

HSL project. Published as part of the NRCG Research Report:

Characterising the potential risks posed by engineered nanoparticles

Nanoparticle Occupational Safety & Health (NOSH) Consortium

A multi-partner international project.

Outline summary, including details of papers

This European multi-centre research project focuses on occupational exposure to nanoparticles and their health effects.

Details of the project and its publications can be found at: NANOSH

A consortium of European companies and research laboratories has developed a research programme for the safe production and use of nanomaterials.

Details of the project and its publications can be found at: Nano safe - Safe production and use of nano materials

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