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Expert scores for team handling tasks.

This page offers general risk reduction measures associated with team handling operations

Risk Factors Score Reason

Load frequency

R = 6

80 Kgs and 2 persons
Possible solutions

Hand distance from lower back

G = 0

No problems
Possible hand distance from lower back solutions

Vertical lift region

A = 1

This is a little bit tricky, it is slightly above elbow height for the nearest operative therefore consider worst case scenario.
Possible vertical lift region solutions

Trunk twisting / sideways bending

A = 1

This is tricky. Need to view the slow motion clip to see that the nearest operative sideways bends in order to control the load. This is due to the poor communication. Also, the operative at the near end of the tank is slightly twisting his upper body in order to view where the load is to be placed.
Possible trunk twisting / sideways bending solutions

Postural constraint

G = 0

No problems
Possible postural constraint solutions

Grip on load

A = 1

Some may say that is a good grip but consider A / 1. The hands are stretched which could easily lead to hands slipping off.
Possible grip on load solutions

Floor Surface

R = 2

Wet floor definite red.
Possible floor surface solutions

Other environmental factors


No problems

Communication and Co-ordination

R / 3

This is a problem particularly if when viewed in slow motion.
Possible communication and co-ordination solutions

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Updated 2012-03-15