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Expert scores for carrying tasks.

This page offers general risk reduction measures associated with carrying operations

Risk Factors Score Reason

Load weight

A = 4

25 kg box one carry every 20 seconds (approx.)
Possible load weight solutions

Hand distance from lower back

G = 0

No problems

Asymmetrical Trunk / Load

R = 2

Example of holding a load with one hand therefore a definite red
Possible asymmetrical trunk / load solutions

Postural constraint

A = 1

Restricted posture as the operative must negotiate and alter his posture to get under the pipe. Not severe as working in an attic etc.

Grip on load

A = 1 or
R = 2

This is quite difficult with it being a one handed lift. It is either A / 1 as he can hold and support it firmly to the body or R / 2 as it is with one hand and possibly unsteady?
Possible grip on load solutions

Floor Surface

G = 0

No problems
Possible floor surface solutions

Other environmental factors


No problems

Carry Distance


Definitely between 4m -10m
Possible carry distance solutions

Obstacles en route

A = 2

Some trip hazards laid around the floor in the corridor
Possible obstacles en route solutions

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Updated 2012-03-15