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Expert scores for lifting tasks

This page offers general risk reduction measures associated with lifting operations

Risk Factors Score Reason
Load weight R = 6 Definite red as clearly in the R=6 category.
Possible load weight solutions
Hand distance from lower back R = 6 Poor, not really to do with the environment but more poor lifting technique.
Possible hand distance from lower back solutions
Vertical lift R = 3 Lifting from floor level when taking from bottom layer of pallet
Possible vertical list solutions
Trunk twisting / sideways bending R = 2 Lots of twisting and sideways bending
Possible trunk twisting / sideways bending solutions
Postural constraint A = 1 Slightly restricted between the conveyor, rear wall and pallet
Possible postural constraint solutions
Grip on load A = 1 Fingers are clamped at 90º
Possible grip on load solutions
Floor Surface G = 0 No problems
Possible floor surface solutions
Other environmental factors None No problems

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Updated 2013-01-21