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Simple improvements to make loading easier

Warehouse staff manually loaded 1.5 metre long rolls of soft flexible product into containers for delivery to customers. The rolls were awkward to handle and some had to be lifted to a height of 3 metres to fully fill the container. 3 staff loaded 10 containers per day so the work was repetitive.

Staff began reporting neck and shoulder pain, and risk assessment identified loading the higher layers in the container as the main source of the problem.

Due to the nature of the load a solution was developed.

It was found the nature of the load enabled a stable temporary platform to be formed within the container by placing boards on part of the bottom layer of rolls. A worker standing on this could load rolls up to roof height with much less effort than before.

Staff using the new method no longer suffered neck and shoulder pains. They also found it possible to load more rolls of product into each container, which gave the firm big savings in transport costs.

Updated 2014-04-15