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Flowchart title

  1. Drain the oil (a) and replace with the same volume of an emulsifiable cleaner.
  2. Circulate under minimum load for time (b), operating any ancillary equipment and checking flow rates regularly
  3. Drain the system as fully as possible to ensure complete removal of emulsified water
  4. Drain the oil, again as completely as possible Repair and replace any defective parts.
  5. Circulate under minimum kiad fir tune (c), operating any ancillary equipment and checking flow rates regularly. During circulation check the system integrity and be prepared to repair and replace any defective parts, such as seals.
  6. Refill the system with the oil to be used or with a compatible neat flushing oil.
  7. Refill the system with fresh oil and behin normal machining operations
  1. Sump oil: amount to drain = ___% by volume (__ litres).
  2. Circulation time = __ hours.
  3. Second circulation time = __ hours.
Updated 2012-11-28