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Health and Safety at Work Act etc.1974, New Section 18 Standard to be released in April.

A new Section 18 Standard on making adequate arrangements for enforcement will be released at the beginning of April. The Standard has been agreed by the Management Boards of LACoRS and HSE and also by the Health and Safety Commission and will replace existing Section18 Guidance.

The Standard is called “Making a Difference……” and will apply to both Local Authorities and HSE’s Field Operations Directive. The Standard will be an electronic document available via the HSE’s website and also accessed via HELex.

It has four basic sections:-

Each section will be supported by further web accessed information. Some of this information is still in development, for example the development and training needs tool to aid provision of a competent inspectorate, and for this reason there is a 3 year lead in period for all enforcing authorities to be fully compliant and to embed the Standard within their organisations. Most well-managed enforcing authorities will already be complying with the majority of the Standard.

Further information will be available in the next LAU Newsletter

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HELA Training Co-Ord website

Website closure

This website will close shortly after 31 March 2008. The site content has not been updated for almost 3 years following the introduction of the HELA Extranet or HELex. Any LA H&S Regulator needing access to HELex (which is a secure website not available to the public) should contact

Inspection report forms

A number of Local Authorities (LAs) continue to record Fit3 visit information on the HELA Training Co-Ord website via the online inspection report form (IRF) facility.  After the website closure, this will no longer be available. From April 08 a new IRF will be used by HSE staff - a version of this will be available for LAs to use on HELex.  Unfortunately the analytical package associated with the IRF on the HELA Training Co-Ord website cannot be exactly replicated in the current version of the HELex software but Local Authority Unit (LAU) are working to establish an acceptable solution in terms of providing LA users with their own analyses of their continuing IRF inputs. HELex software will be upgraded later this year - we are pressing for this to be as soon as possible - the new software enables us to provide a better look and feel to the new IRF and does provide us with a seamless high quality analysis package.

Retention and Provision of LA IRF data already input prior to website closure.

LAU are working with Salford University and their software supplier, Intellisoft, to determine the best options for capturing, retaining and subsequently making available to LA, via HELex or other means, analyses of LAs IRF input data. It is not our intention for this data to be lost or be no longer available. We hope to have further news on this shortly - watch out for updates on HELex.

Example Risk Assessments

HSE, LACORS and others is producing clear and concise examples of what a 'good enough' risk assessment might look like for particular industries and business sectors.

These example risk assessments will not be ready-made assessments that businesses can just adopt as their own. Instead, they are intended to:

6 new additional example risk assessments were recently published - ;for a private hire operators, a woodworking company, a plasterers, a poultry farm, a call centre and a dry cleaners. These can be viewed at

More example RAs are intended for publication in the coming months, including for industries such as parking, entertainment and haulage, and will be announced in this newsletter.

Improved gas safety scheme - update

The August newsletter reported progress with implementing the recommendations of the 2006 review of domestic gas safety with the launch of a competition for a new gas installer registration scheme. This will replace the current scheme operated by CORGI.

The first stage of this novel competition closed in early September and there was a good response from private companies and other organisations. On 25th January, HSE issued Invitation to Tender (ITT) documents to selected bidders.  The closing date for bids is 10th March with these forming the basis for further negotiation with HSE.  A decision is expected in June with the new scheme now set to start in April 2009.

The original timetable has been adjusted to take account of the strong commercial interest in running this scheme and reflects the complexity of this procurement exercise together with the need to ensure a fair and open competition for bidders.

Key features of the new scheme are:

Further information on this competition and the specification for the new scheme is available in the Health and Safety Commission paper MISC/08/04:

HSE Hampton Implementation Review – Final Report

The HSE Hampton Implementation Review Report is due for publication early March 2008.

The review was undertaken by UK National Audit Office who also looked at four other major regulators i.e. Food Standards Agency, Financial Services Authority, Environment Agency and Office of Fair Trading.

The HSE report along with the other regulators’ reports, were subject to a consistency panel. The main purpose being to ensure a broadly consistent and fair approach was taken in the drafting of the reports for each of the five regulators assessed.

Further information relating to the review can be obtained from the UK National Audit Office website at this link:

CIEH/LACORS Way Ahead Conference, 28-29 February 2008, Stratford upon Avon

The first day of this year’s conference was devoted to Better Regulation – this included speakers from the Better Regulation Executive and the Local Better Regulation Executive who set out what actions were being taken, and what plans were being put in place, to take this agenda forward.

The three main national regulators, Food Standards Agency, Environment Agency and the HSE gave presentations with Geoffrey Podger the HSE’s Chief Executive providing an entertaining health and safety perspective and in particular calling for Local Authorities (LAs) to sign up to the Sensible Risk Management Campaign. Several of the other speakers praised the partnership relationship HSE and LAs were developing and cited it as a model that other regulators should follow.

Further information can be obtained from Lacors Website

New DSE pages on the HSE website

As part of the on going improvements to the MSD website, we have updated the DSE pages. The revised pages offer practical advice and guidance on DSE and contain a helpful FAQ section. Additional information is available from

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