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Risks from use of the dwell facility on hand-fed platen (die cutting) machines – Safety Alert Issued

HSE is issuing this safety alert for the attention of firms in the printing and cardboard packaging industries who use these types of machines.

The Safety Alert can be accessed using this link:

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URGENT REMINDER – Annual Health and Safety Return (LAE1) 2007/08

All local authorities (LAs) should have received a request to complete the LAE1 form for 2007/08. Many thanks to those who have completed and returned their LAE1 form. Please note that the deadline for making the return has now passed (30 May), so please complete your return as soon as possible or let us know if you are experiencing any problems. Subject to receiving returns promptly, key messages on the contribution of LAs to HSE’s priorities can be conveyed through the partnership conference in November, as well as being incorporated into Health and Safety Statistics, Regional Statistical Packs and LA profiles. As noted in the last newsletter, the forms and guidance are available on HELex using the link below. Please note you will need your username and password.

URGENT REMINDER - Submission of Local Authority (LA) Prosecutions data for 2007/08

The closing date for submission of your council’s prosecutions data for 2007/2008 is 30 June 2008. In previous years, we have been able to accept late submissions but this will NOT be the case this year. If you miss the deadline, we will not be able to include your submission in this years LA prosecution statistics.

The data can be submitted via the HELA Extranet (HELex).  We need information on all health and safety prosecutions whether successful, unsuccessful or withdrawn and it is equally important to submit a ‘nil return’ if this is appropriate, this link will take you directly to the input screens:

Ladder Exchange 2008 – Please get involved

By working together last year we took 4194 dodgy ladders out of Britain’s workplaces. Around 60 Local Authorities took part as well as some of the bigger hire companies. Below is a chart showing the LA contribution that we know about.

One of the main things that feedback from LA colleagues who took part showed us is the extent of the problem.  LA colleagues took away on average one dodgy ladder for every two and a half visits. This is why we are very keen to run Ladder Exchange again this year.

We are talking to the private sector partners from last year, but without you, Ladder Exchange will not be successful. Please build in some time to look at ladders on the premises you visit during September. Bent, broken and battered ladders are easy to spot and by reducing the amount of dodgy access equipment in the workplace you are reducing the risk that a worker will fall and injure themselves.

Ladder Exchange 2007 reported results

Council Visits Dodgy Ladders Visits / Ladders
Tower Hamlets 135 31 4.4
Milton Keynes 54 19 2.8
Portsmouth 96 33 2.9
Southwark 41 11 3.7
Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea 1 1 1.0
Oldham 49 35 1.4
Medway 150 16 9.4
Salford 44 17 2.6
Lewisham 40 2 20.0
Islington 107 36 3.0
Cardiff 16 17 0.9
Bury 87 73 1.2
Merseyside 198 104 1.9
LA Total 1018 395 2.6

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Updated 2019-01-31