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Good practice

Warrington Borough Council Supporting Businesses

Warrington Borough Council Health and Safety Team are working in partnership with businesses.  Glynis Buckley, Warrington’s Specialist Health & Safety Inspector, has been representing Local Authorities on the HSE/LA working party for the  'Falls from Vehicles' campaign Warrington is keen to work with companies to improve the standards of health and safety. As part of the initiative, Glynis developed both a questionnaire and inspection document in relation to this topic. These documents are available for other Local Authorities should they wish to use them. To obtain copies please email your request to:

A meeting was held with senior Safety Managers within DHL/Exel to discuss the Moving Goods Safely/Falls from Vehicles Campaign. As a result of that meeting, a request was submitted to Warrington Borough Council requesting that Glynis Buckley deliver a presentation and workshop at three separate events in Bedfordshire and Scunthorpe. The events took place on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of October and were attended by over 150 senior safety and HR management. The events received excellent feedback which can be obtained from:

Contact: Steve Jowett, DHL/Exel Business Unit SHE Manager-Home & Specialist & M&S.

Warrington Borough Council believes that working with companies such as DHL/Exel can only benefit the workforce by giving those responsible for health and safety the information and guidance they need.

Warrington is also offering health and safety training to businesses with a CIEH Level 2 certification on successful completion of the course.

Northamptonshire Workplace Transport Partnerships

The Northamptonshire Health and Safety Liaison Group has taken on the challenge of bringing together true partnership working between enforcing authorities and businesses to achieve the goal of workplace accident and ill health reduction. 

The Group is made up of seven Northamptonshire local authorities; each Authority being responsible for the development of a topic based programme. Principally due to the extensive road and rail links throughout Northamptonshire, there is a large number and variety of warehouse and logistic businesses. As a consequence, transport movements raise significant health & safety issues that must be managed effectively. Daventry District Council, supported by Northampton Borough Council have led the delivery of the workplace transport (WPT) programme throughout the County. 

Initially, the Local Authorities (LAs) used local and national statistics to identify those businesses where relevant accident rates were high. They subsequently identified high numbers of accident notifications arising from warehousing and associated transport operations with as many as 70% of notified accidents being ‘warehouse’ related. A campaign targeting these businesses was launched in 2006. HSE’s WPT topic inspection pack was used in each case to aid consistency. The campaign involved site-specific interventions of the targeted businesses and in some areas was supported by collective pre-intervention briefings to maximise the engagement of businesses in shaping the prioriy areas for the audit.

This work was recently built upon by the delivery of a Safety and Health Awareness Day (SHAD) on the 8th November 2007 for the logistics industry. The SHAD coincided with the National ‘Falls from Vehicles Campaign’. Over 260 registrations were received for a maximum 95 delegate places, of which representatives applied from as far north as Glasgow and as far south as Cornwall. Unfortunately, the Liaison Group had to limit places to Northamptonshire based businesses. Nevertheless, attendees on the day included a wide variety of Health and Safety personnel. 

It was a successful working partnership between stakeholders including LAs, HSE, the HSE’s Health & Safety Laboratory and businesses. A wide variety of WPT related issues were presented including the ongoing HSE Falls from Vehicles Campaign. The SHAD principally introduced Northamptonshire Liaison Group’s WPT programme, and how the HSE Guidance on Workplace Transport Safety (HSG 136) should be implemented into organisations, with focus on ‘good’ and ‘bad’ practice. The event was complimented by several industry representatives presenting their solutions to WPT related issues. The delegates essentially evaluated the SHAD as a ‘great success’ and a ‘most enjoyable and informative day’.  

Since the start of the WPT campaign, Northamptonshire Local Authorities have seen a significant reduction in reported Workplace Transport related incidents. As a result, they shall continue to give workplace transport a high priority in their 2008 programme.

Contacts for further information about Northamptonshire WPT campaign:

Simon Watson, Senior EHO, Daventry District Council
Tel: 01327 302 353

Ed Cooke, Principal EHO, Daventry District Council & Local Authority Co-Representative: Falls from Vehicles Campaign
Tel: 01327 302 549

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Forum

This forum is a place where Local Authorities (LAs) and HSE can exchange information about DSE compliance issues. In the past, it has contained details of relevant LA initiatives on DSE, notifications of forthcoming events, and descriptions of revised guidance and other sources of information. It has also discussed emerging issues and even breaking news.

Although there is nothing specific to report in this issue please watch this space for future developments.

Updated 2019-01-31