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New guidance

Management of health and safety at golf courses (and similar workplaces)

The Agriculture & Food Sector have recently issued a Sector Information Minute (SIM 01/2008/3) alerting HSE and LA staff to the publication of new guidance "Health and Safety in Golf Course Management and Maintenance".  This has been produced by the Greenkeepers' Training Committee (GTC) and is scheduled to be updated.

Sound advice - control of noise at work in music and entertainment

The Sound advice website and Sound advice HSG260 publication, were launched on 11 July 2008. They provide practical guidance on the control of noise at work in music and entertainment, including concert halls and theatres, amplified live music venues, pubs/clubs and studios. The guidance sets out a range of simple and cost-effective actions that can reduce workers' average daily or weekly exposure to noise and identifies good practice to help avoid the harmful effects of prolonged exposure to noise. There is general information telling people what they need to know about the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005, which came into force for the music and entertainment industries in April 2008, and advice for specific sections of the industry. The guidance has been put together by representatives from a wide range of music and entertainment sectors in Britain, including Environmental Health Officers and HSE.

A complimentary copy of the publication has been sent to all Chief Environmental Health Officers in local authorities.

Catering and hospitality microsite

The catering and hospitality microsite is now revised with substantial new content including an A-Z of guidance topics.

What’s new – items of interest

The following is a selection of recent ‘What’s New’ items on the HSE/LAU websites which you may find interesting.

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