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COSHH Essentials

eCOSHH Essentials - Free stuff

We are reviewing COSHH advice website, otherwise known as eCOSHH Essentials

What do you think of it? How could it do better??!!!

Tell us & we will send you (useful) FREE STUFF

Most LAs use the website eCOSHH Essentials every day to print off advice sheets to give SMEs during your visits e.g. cleaning, catering, hairdressers, garages etc .

HSE is reviewing this free interactive website (which also helps business do their COSHH risk assessments).

You use it so we want to know how you think the website should be improved. Any comments and ideas please tell us!!!

We're at the early stages of this review - so we can't make any promises about what will happen - but we DO promise to keep your responses anonymous.

In return, if you would like some free, good quality eCOSHH PROMOTIONAL  MATERIAL, don't forget to include your address.

The promotional materials include the following items which could be useful for H&S Awareness days, Workshops and Safety Visits.

Further details can be obtained from either:

Councils join ‘sign-up to sensible risk’ campaign

Local Government Association (LGA), HSE and four local authority Chief Executives have launched a campaign to spread the message that health and safety is about saving lives not stopping people living.   Stories about health and safety banning everyday activities abound.  Many are simply myths, but some contain a grain of truth – someone, somewhere really has made a decision that goes well beyond what the law, and common sense dictate. Whether myth or reality, they damage reputations and distract attention from the very real risks that need managing.

At the Local Government Association (LGA) national conference, held in Birmingham on 3 July 2007,four Local Authorities  London Borough of Brent, Stratford District Council, Hampshire County Council and Newport City Council were the first to join HSE and Local Government Association (LGA) in signing-up to the ‘ten principles of sensible risk management’, sending a clear message to their employees and the public that they are committed to managing risk sensibly.

The Health and Safety Commission’s ten principles of sensible risk spell out in simple terms what risk management should – and should not be about.

Other local authorities are being encouraged to follow the lead.

Updated 2019-01-31