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New Guidance

HSE Guidance on Warehousing

Last year there were over 10,000 work-related accidents reported in the storage, warehousing and road haulage industries.

In November HSE published an updated version of its guidance publication for warehousing and storage. 'Warehousing and storage: A guide to health and safety’ (HSG76) has been well received with more than 1500 copies sold since its release. It is intended as an aid to health and safety management, to help employers reduce injuries and occupational ill health, and help the industry achieve the Government's injury reduction and occupational ill health targets for UK workplaces. This book is for managers, supervisors and those with other health and safety interests in warehouses and storage facilities. It will also be useful to employees and health and safety representatives.

Those who run warehouses can reduce their health and safety risks, and their costs, by focusing health and safety efforts on the main causes of injury and occupational ill health at their premises. Once the main causes are identified employers can decide what action needs to be taken to reduce injuries and ill health.

The book tackles all the most common causes of accidents in warehousing and storage such as: slips and trips; manual handling; falls from height; being hit by a falling or moving object and those linked with vehicles and lift trucks. It goes on to give advice on other hazards found in warehouses, such as storage systems, mechanical handling, electrical safety, information on the working environment and how to deal with accidents and emergencies.

HSE has written this guide in liaison with the Warehousing Health and Safety Forum, a joint committee representing trade associations, trade unions and employer organisations.

‘Warehousing and storage: A guide to health and safety’ costs £14.50 and is available from HSE books. A free leaflet has also been published; this can be downloaded from the warehousing section of the HSE webpage

Local Authority Circulars

Newly published circulars

LAC 1/4 – Use of fall arrest systems in steel stockholders

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What’s new – items of interest

New SIM 03/2008/07 - Inspection Intervention on Worker Protection, asbestos Duty to Manage (DTM)

New SIM 01/2008/01 - Major Issues in the Food Factories 2008/09

Hand-Arm Vibration Topic Pack
Guidance for inspectors on the inspection of work activities involving risks from hand-arm vibration (HAV)

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The following items are a selection from the ‘What’s new’ section that you may find interesting

And on the HSE/LAU Website…

Managing Asbestos Survey
Info on: a HSE commissioned research survey by Ipsos -MORI is running this spring

Noise in the Music and Entertainment Industry
Info on: regulations for these sectors will come into force on 6 April 2008

Causes of Injury in Food/Drink
Info on: Graph describing the main causes of major and over 3 day injuries in the food/drink industries for 2006/07

More Councils sign up for Sensible Risk Campaign
Info on: the Local authorities for Gloucester, Hertfordshire and Forest of Dean have also signed up to sensible risk management campaign

Hand and Arm Vibration Surgery
Info on: on 24 June 2008, East Malling Conference Centre, New Road, East Malling, Kent, there will be a hand and arm vibration surgery - sharing experiences, good practice and lessons learnt.

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