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LAC 67/2 (rev5) - Setting priorities and targeting interventions

Annex A - Summary of national planning priorities 2016 - 2017

This annex sets out the 2016-2017 local authority national planning priorities.  Note: Not all national priorities have an inspection component.

NOTE: The new Health and Safety strategy, ‘Helping Great Britain Work Well’ was published on 29th February 2016. This sets out six strategic themes for the whole of the GB health and safety system. LA workplace health and safety regulators are a key part of that system, and will be expected to play their role in:

  • Encouraging and recognising improvements, being increasingly joined up to deliver improved outcomes and minimise unnecessary burdens on businesses;
  • Continuing to promote the risk-based, goal-setting regulatory regime that has served health and safety in Great Britain so well;
  • Working with partners in the system to make workplaces safer and healthier, providing a level playing field for responsible employers with regulators and co-regulators, by advising, promoting, and where necessary, enforcing good standards of risk control;
  • Using proportionate, risk-based regulation to support better outcomes, innovation and the safe use of new technologies;
  • Developing services and products that contribute to improved management and control of risks, sharing our knowledge, and
  • Continuing the dialogue and conversation with stakeholders to make the system better, always looking to provide simple, pragmatic advice and support.

Further updates will be communicated to Local Authority Regulators in future yearly revisions of this LAC, the List of activities/sectors for proactive inspections by LAs) and bulletins via the Helex system.

Over-arching principles

LAs should use the full range of interventions available to influence behaviours and the management of risk.

Proactive inspections

Proactive inspection should only be used:

  1. For high risk activities within the specific LA enforced sectors published by HSE (See List of activities/sectors for proactive inspection by LAs); or
  2. Where there is intelligence showing that risks are not being effectively managed.

In both circumstances, LAs have the discretion as to whether or not proactive inspection is the most appropriate intervention.

Primary Authority inspection plans should follow the principles of the Code and be developed taking into account the national priorities (see below), the list of activities/sectors considered suitable for proactive inspection and company/site specific information.

National Priorities

It is not possible for HSE to provide advanced details of the sectors or timing of visits for this work year. Whilst HOIE do plan to share the businesses they intend to target in advance, there could be a need for LAs to respond at short notice. LAs will be contacted directly and will only be expected to visit where there are occupational health and safety issues, identified either through information provided by the other agencies involved, or information already held by the LA. LAs should ensure any visits undertaken meet the requirements of the Code.

LAs may find the guidance in the Migrant working intervention manual useful. It addresses how HSE staff should operate the Joint Workplace Protocol for tackling illegal employment of migrant workers and the broader principles governing how HSE shares information with other Government departments and agencies to prevent exploitation.

Investigation of incidents and complaints - LAs should use HSEs incident selection criteria and complaint handling criteria/risk filter to select relevant incidents and complaints.

Reactive work including the monitoring of RIDDOR reports and complaints to identify reports of ill health, accidents, incidents, poor performance, trends and local issues which may require further interventions or issues which may need to be taken forward nationally.

Updated 2016-11-19