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Planning Application advice PADHI+ - HSE's on-line advice

PADHI (Planning Advice for Developments near Hazardous Installations) is the name of the methodology used by HSE to give land use planning advice. HSE has developed a software version of this methodology, known as PADHI+, which is available on-line to planning authorities, to enable them to consult HSE directly for advice on developments around major hazard sites and major hazard pipelines.

PADHI+ uses the following information to determine HSE’s advice:

HSE, through PADHI+, will either advise against, or not advise against, the granting of planning permission.

When HSE advises against the granting of planning permission, it will, on request, explain the reasons for this advice to the local planning authority.

Planning authorities can also use PADHI+ at the pre-planning stage, for example when approached by a potential developer, to find out what HSE’s advice will be before submitting a planning application.

Access the system

PADHI+ cannot be used for developments around nuclear sites, explosive sites or quarries. In these cases, planning authorities must consult the appropriate HSE Directorate for advice. PADHI+ cannot be used for consulting HSE on applications for Hazardous Substances Consent; these must be referred to HSE's Bootle Office.

Contact point for planning authorities requiring help in determining HSE’s advice on developments near major hazard sites

In August 2011 HSE introduced a new source of advice for local planning authorities seeking help with use of PADHI+ to consult HSE for advice on planning applications.

The service is hosted by the Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL); an agency of HSE. When necessary, HSL is supported by staff from HSE’s Major Accidents Risk Assessment Unit on more complex enquiries.

If a planning authority needs some general help or advice in using PADHI+, or in relation to a specific planning application, they should send relevant details by email to:

PADHI+ Information Package

HSE has produced a PADHI+ User guide to help planning authorities to use PADHI+. It provides advice on how to use PADHI+, including several video examples of planning applications being put through PADHI+, showing how it should be used to obtain HSE's advice in each case.

Updated: 2014-10-16