HSE’s Worker Involvement training courses

HSE, in association with a third party training provider, delivered two types of subsidised training  as part of the “Safe and sound at work – do your bit” initiative.

The training ran from April 2010 to March 2011 and the objectives were successfully delivered, as follows:

  • The course an “Introduction to Workforce Involvement for Health and Safety Representatives” was successfully delivered to 2400 Representatives of Employee Safety (RoES) working in small to medium sized, non-unionised Great Britain (GB) workplaces in the construction, manufacturing, motor vehicle repair and transport sectors across GB; and
  • The joint training of safety representatives and their first line managers to help secure a more collaborative approach to health and safety was delivered to 120 organisations with over 206 workshops taking place across a variety of sectors in both unionised and non-unionised GB workplaces.

Current The full independent evaluation report shows that delegates’ views of the courses are highly positive with the interactive nature being particularly enjoyable.  Following the training, organisations have reported improved ‘soft skills’ eg  better communications, influencing and negotiating skills from their safety representatives.  There has also been improvements in relationships within the organisations between safety representatives and managers and more involvement from the workforce.  Practical impacts include improvements to health and safety processes and procedures.  A full independent evaluation of the impact of training will be made available towards the end of 2012.  

HSE funding to deliver the HSE ‘Safe and sound at work - do your bit’ training has ceased. However, HSE would like to encourage those individuals, training organisations and trade bodies from any industry sector, who have the relevant training experience and a good understanding of the two principal sets of Regulations/ACOP relating to consultation on health and safety to work with businesses who wish to improve in this area and continue to deliver the ‘do your bit’ training. This also applies to any employers who have the necessary resources/knowledge and training expertise to deliver the training ‘in-house’.

With this aim in mind HSE has made the materials used to deliver the ‘do your bit’ training courses freely available for downloading.

How can I find out more about worker involvement?

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