Shared experiences

These videos and written case studies provide details of how organisations made their workplace safer through worker involvement.

Manufacturing sector case studies

Manor Fresh

This case study details how Manor Fresh made it's workplace safer through worker involvement. It has reduced accidents from 78 to 48 over three years – a consistent drop of almost 20% a year.

John Smith’s Ltd

This case study shows how John Smith’s brewery involve their workforce directly in site safety resulting in a significant decrease in ‘over-three-day’ injuries from twelve in 2005 to just one in 2009.

Construction sector case studies

Tamdown Group

The case study below shows how an organisation has successfully involved it's workforce in managing health and safety. Tamdown Group has experienced business benefits and a lowered accident rate.

Murraywood Construction Ltd

This case study shows how Murraywood Construction work with Carillion (principal contractor) on health and safety issues. It also details how they involve their own workforce through monthly ‘voice meetings’ which has helped to pay dividends in both it’s safety record and workforce morale as well as resulting in a 50% reduction in their insurance premiums since 2006.

Motor vehicle repair

Just Car Clinic

This case study shows how Barry Whittles, Chief Executive, and his team recognised that with technology evolving so quickly it was imperative for Just Car Clinics to keep pace if it was to grow successfully and profitably. Health and safety issues are part of this development, and staff needed to be thoroughly involved in the company’s approach.

Transport sector case study

Valpak Recycling (North West) Ltd

This case study shows how Valpak use a ‘post an idea’ staff incentive scheme and a bi-monthly health and safety committee to involve it's workforce which that has helped to make improvements in both safety and productivity.

Waste and Recycling sector case study

Smurfit Kappa SSK

The case study below details how Smurfit Kappa involves it’s workforce to drive down accident rates with benefits including less time lost, reduced insurance premiums and higher staff morale.

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