Joint problem solving

What will this do for my organisation?

This will:

  • improve health and safety standards;
  • increase productivity, efficiency, quality and motivate the workforce; and
  • boost co-operation and trust between workers and managers.

What do we need to do?

If you involve your employees and their representatives in tackling health and safety issues, you will be helping to create a genuine and valuable partnership. This will allow concerns and ideas to be freely shared and acted upon as the whole workforce aims for a healthier and safer environment.

Research shows that joint partnership working often leads to reduced accident rates.

Consider sharing knowledge through your business supply chains and other networks. Where conditions change regularly, it is helpful to share good practice with other contractors and peer groups. In some cases, agreeing minimum standards through industry networks can help to raise awareness and reduce accidents.

Remember: tell your employees about health and safety and they’ll know about it. Involve them and they’ll understand it.

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