What will this do for my organisation?

Your workforce will be more aware of risks and how they are controlled.

What do I need to do?

You must provide your employees with information on:

  • your risk assessment, including the protective measures you’ve taken;
  • how to deal with any potentially dangerous situations;
  • your specific requirements for temporary or vulnerable workers, eg pregnant employees etc.;
  • changes to workplace conditions or practices, eg weather-dependent or activities taking place in the surrounding area; and
  • how to work safely when out and about or where the workplace changes frequently.

How can you do this?

There are various methods for different workplaces. Suggestions include:

  • providing information during your workplace induction process;
  • using images where possible;
  • carrying out briefings with your workforce to take account of site conditions and pass on information about changes;
  • using an interpreter and/or having information translated if necessary;
  • involving your employees in all matters which affect their health and safety at work, eg risk assessments and operating procedures; and
  • considering bite-sized information session where particular health and safety issues are discussed.

You need to ensure that information is relevant and up to date if your employees’ workplace changes frequently.

For example by providing information on the safe delivery of a load or talking through how work is to be carried out on a construction site as part of a daily walkabout.

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