What will this do for me?

As employees are often the most aware of health and safety issues and solutions, it makes sense to listen to them. If your workers feel their ideas are valued, they will generally have a stronger commitment to tackling such problems.

What do I need to do?

Talk and listen. If, for example, there are new ways of working or new equipment is introduced into the workplace, you need to encourage employees to ask questions, raise concerns and make suggestions.

Make sure you respond to their concerns and explain why decisions have been taken.

How can you do it?

How you do it depends on your:

  • business structure;
  • management style;
  • safety culture;
  • diversity of workforce;
  • employment structure, eg use of agency workers;
  • work patterns,eg shifts etc.; and
  • remote workers.

If consulting directly, you can use:

  • walkabouts;
  • tool box talks;
  • face-to-face discussions;
  • regular scheduled meetings; or
  • workgroups to deal with specific issues.

Other ways could include:

  • staff surveys;
  • suggestion schemes;
  • noticeboards;
  • logging and responding to issues or concerns raised by staff; and
  • staff bulletins to share information and good practice.
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