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Human factors: COMAH safety reports

In the wake of recent major accidents (Texas City; Buncefield), it is especially important that COMAH safety reports demonstrate a structured, systematic approach to managing human performance at top-tier establishments.


Human factors, by their nature, do not map cleanly onto the assessment criteria for other technical disciplines (Mechanical; Control and Instrumentation; Process Safety).  With this in mind, a new assessment guide has been produced to support established guidance currently available in Appendix 12.4 of the Safety Report Assessment Manual (SRAM)


The new guide is aimed primarily at assessors conducting technical assessment of the human factors aspects of safety reports, but will also provide Assessment Managers with a useful overview of key human factors issues.  It references recognised standards and good practice, maps core human factors topics onto the SRAM technical assessment criteria and includes links to additional guidance and information. Overall, the guide has been developed to provide a better framework for human factors assessment, with clear benchmarks for demonstration, and should also prove useful to anyone involved in the writing of human factors aspects of COMAH safety reports. 

Further guidance