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Getting started

The list of human and organisational factors topics can at first seem a little daunting. In order to help you decide where to start we have provided some guidance below.

The Key Topics can be placed into three categories:

If this is your first attempt to address human and organisational factors, we suggest that you start with one of the above Core Topics, unless you have specific concerns in one of the other areas.

The choice of topics may also be informed by the type of operations:

You may also note that there are links between several of the Key Topics. For example, if you review Procedures, you may also wish to consider Training and competence, Organisational culture, and Maintenance error. On the other hand, if you review human failures, you should also consider Fatigue, Design, Procedures and Training and competence.

Another decision to make is to whether you wish to review several of the Key Topics for a particular work area, department or role, or whether to address one Key Topic in detail site-wide: