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Progress with the iron mains replacement programme 2008 - 2009

  1. Under the Pipelines Safety Regulations 1996, regulation 13A [PDF 90KB], HSE approved annual replacement programmes for the year April 2008 to end March 2009 for the Distribution Networks (DNs) shown in Table 1. The progress in meeting the national and individual network targets is also shown.
  2. Nationally 3818.5 km of iron mains were decommissioned against an annual approved target of 3677.8 km - an extra 140.8 km. All of the networks met or exceeded their overall decommissioning targets.
  3. As part of its monitoring strategy and 5 year intervention plans for the DNs, HSE continues to carry out mains replacement audits to check that mains are decommissioned in accordance with the policies and procedures in the DNs’ Gas Safety (Management) Regulations 1996 safety cases
  4. HSE has approved programmes for the DNs for the period April 2009 to end March 2010.

Table 1 - Mains replacement performance 2008 - 2009 by Distribution Networks

Network Network operator Target (km) Actual (km)
All networks 3677.8 3818.5
Scotland Scotland Gas Networks plc 272.0 286.4
North of England Northern Gas Networks Limited 528.1 532.9
South of England Southern Gas Networks plc 664.7 671.2
Wales & West Wales & West Utilities Limited 361.0 378.0
North West National Grid Gas plc 529 1852.0 568 1950.0
East of England 605 664
West Midlands 362 383
North London 356 335