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Monitoring and reporting of the Transco Distribution Mains Replacement Programme 2002-2007

4. Year end review

To provide an overview of annual performance and an assessment of the on-going effectiveness of the overall mains replacement programme it is proposed that the following data and key performance indicators be provided by Transco to HSE as part of the final quarter reporting output. The references to the various Appendices of this report are used for illustrative purposes only to indicate the typical level of detail which is required to be provided:

4.1 Appendix 5A - Ytd Monitor - Summary and Appendix 5B - Ytd Monitor -Data Table . These reports should highlight the final end year planned vs actual results for each Network.

4.2 Appendix 6 - Risk Profile : An overview of current risk score profile for each Network. The profile should reflect all abandonment activity and dynamic growth from the previous year.

4.3Gas in Buildings Monitor: On-going review and assessment of the annual gas in buildings occurrences associated with CI mains fractures and ductile iron corrosion failures.

4.4Mains Fracture and Corrosion Rates: An on-going review and assessment of the significance of the annual frequency and occurrence of CI mains fractures and ductile iron corrosion occurrences (relative to mains diameter) with respect to the reducing population of "mains at risk".

4.5Incidents: The relative significance of the value provided by reviewing the annual average incident data in isolation is considered to be marginal, due to the usual small numbers involved. However, it is proposed that Transco continue to monitor and report the annual profile record of Mains and Service related incidents in conjunction with the other identified Year End review measures. The output will likely be in bar chart format as currently provided by Transco and should continue to identify the number of fatalities associated with each incident, where appropriate