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BS EN 415 Part 6: Pallet wrapping machines


Stretch film machines

  • rotary table machines
  • rotary arm machines
  • ring machines
  • self-moving (robot) machines

Shrink film machines

Ancillary machines

  • hood applicators
  • load centring machines
  • film removing machines

Shrinking systems

Sleeve wrapping machines

Pallet banding machines

Current status (at July 2013)

Revised and updated edition published: BSEN415-6:2013

Status (at January 2010)

Published by CEN: 2006

Published by BSI: 2006

Reviewed: 2011

Amended: 2009 to include Annex ZB which confirms that this Standard gives a presumption of conformity to the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC as well as 98/37/EC.


There are many different methods of wrapping pallets, so Clause 3 gives detailed descriptions of the different machines together with isometric drawings so it is clear which type of machine is being discussed and the appropriate safety requirements for this machine.

Clause 3 also defines the typical terminology used when discussing pallet wrapping machines like shrink film, stretch film and top sheets.

Injuries caused by wrapping machines

Clause 4 of the Standard identifies the injuries that can be caused by each type of pallet wrapping machine.

The main injuries caused by pallet wrapping machines are:

Safety principles established by this Standard

Rotary table stretch-wrapping machines

Clause establishes the principle that risk from the rotating pallet load is acceptably low provided that the:

Machines that cannot comply with these requirements must be enclosed within fixed and interlocking guards.

Rotary arm and ring stretch-wrapping machines

Clause establishes the principle that the risk from the rotating film reel assembly on semi-automatic machines of this type is acceptably low provided they are fitted with the specified safety protection devices, However automatic machines are required to be guarded with a combination of fixed and interlocking guards.

Shrinking equipment

Clause 5.4.2 describes a series of requirements for shrinking equipment to reduce risks from hot surfaces, the risk of fire and gas control features.

IP rating appropriate for the method of cleaning

Clause includes a Table to help ensure that the degree of protection of electrical enclosures is appropriate for the cleaning method used on the machine. For instance if the machine is cleaned with a damp cloth a rating of IPx4 is appropriate, but if low pressure running water is used the protection rating must be IPx5.

Guarding large apertures

Annex B describes several methods of safeguarding the large apertures necessary for pallets to pass into and out of guarded pallet wrapping machines.

Effects of the Standard

Rotating table pallet stretch wrappers are now being manufactured in a large number of countries and the market for these machines is now very competitive. At present it is evident that some machines are less safe than others and so it is to be hoped that this Standard will encourage all manufacturers to make machines with equivalent standards of safety.

Purchasing the Standard

EN 415-6 can be purchased as BS EN 415-6: 2006 + A1: 2009 from BSI Standards.

Updated 2013-08-09