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BS EN 415 Part 1: Terminology and classification of packaging machines and associated equipment


  • Filling and dosing machines
  • Closing machines
  • Labelling, decorating and coding machines
  • Cleaning, sterilising, cooling and drying machines
  • Fill and seal machines
  • Inspection machines
  • Container and component handling machines
  • Form, fill and seal machines
  • Cartoning machines
  • Wrapping machines
  • Group or transit packaging machines
  • Pallet or loading unit forming, dismantling and securing machines

Current status (at January 2010)

Published by CEN: 2000

Published by BSI: 2000

Reviewed: 2006 when a decision was taken to revise the Standard. The Standard is being revised by CEN/TC 146 WG4 convened by M. Keay (BSI)

The revised version of EN 415-1 is unlikely to be published until 2011.

Amended: A1 - 2009 to include Annex ZB which confirms that this Standard gives a presumption of conformity to the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC as well as 98/37/EC.

Purpose of the Standard

EN 415-1 is the first part of a series of Standards which describe hazards and safety requirements for packaging machines.

The first problem which was encountered when work started on writing these standards in 1989 was that there was little national and no international agreement on the naming of packaging machines and this made it very difficult to be certain what machine was being discussed and to agree what hazards would be present on this machine and the appropriate safety requirements for this machine.

The purpose of EN 451-1 is to:


Clause 3 of the Standard provides definitions for each of the machines named in the Standard grouped under the following headings:

Terminology used in this Standard

Clause 4 provides definitions for all of the packaging machinery specific terms used in the Standard.

Alphabetical list of packaging machinery names

Annex A provides an alphabetical list of the packaging machinery names defined in clause 3 and indicates which in any of the other parts of EN 415 deal with the hazards and safety requirements of this machine. The full list of Standards is as follows:

Note: when EN 415-1 was published Part 8: Strapping machines was not contemplated and strapping machines for packages were to be included in part 7 and strapping machines for pallet loads in part 6.

Translations into French and German

Annex B provides translations into French and German of every name defined in clause 3.

Italian translations

Annex C provides translations into Italian of every name defined in clause 3.

Effects of the Standard

EN 415-1 helped to define the scope of each of the parts of EN 415 and continues to help people identify which part of EN 415 deals with a particular type of packaging machine.

EN 415-1 has also been used in packaging machinery directories and catalogues for packaging machinery exhibitions like Interpack in Germany.

Purchasing the Standard

EN 415-1 can be purchased as BS EN 415-1: 2000 + A1: 2009 from BSI Standards.

Updated 2012-11-29