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Appendix 3 - Visits to livestock farms following confirmation of an outbreak of a notifiable disease

SIM 01/2010/02
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1. In the event of a confirmed disease outbreak, DEFRA's Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO) will announce a range of restrictions or measures that may affect surrounding farms. These are likely to include the establishment of a range of control zones or areas.

2. A 'control zone' or 'control area' means an infected area, risk area, protection zone, surveillance zone, restricted zone, temporary movement restriction zone, temporary control zone, etc.

3. Only essential visits should take place to farms located within the above areas/zones which have animals that are susceptible to the confirmed disease. See Appendix 4 if the visit relates to a farm which is under specific restrictions.

4. Non-essential visits to farms with susceptible animals within a control zone/area should be immediately suspended.

5. Where a visit to a farm in an area/zone where restrictions have been imposed is deemed essential (e.g. to investigate a fatal or serious accident, a known or suspected serious case of zoonotic infection or to investigate a serious complaint which cannot be investigated by other means, etc.) then FOD staff should follow the additional biosecurity measures detailed below.

6. Visits to farms with livestock that are not susceptible to the confirmed disease (e.g. a visit to a diary farm that is within an avian influenza restricted zone) can continue as normal. FOD staff should follow the guidance in Appendix 2.

Risk Assessment                                                    

7. Current information on the country's animal disease status along with the status, extent and restrictions in places within a local control zone can be obtained from the relevant Animal Health Regional Office or from the DEFRA website.

Additional biosecurity measures

8. In addition to the general biosecurity measures listed earlier in this guidance, FOD staff should:

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