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National Lead Inspector (NLI) interventions with significant waste and recycling companies. 2016/17


This guidance informs inspectors about the on-going programme of interventions with significant waste and recycling companies. This work started in 2009/10 and was targeted at nine companies. It has now been extended to 14 companies.

This guidance outlines how the assigned National Lead Inspectors (NLIs) should carry out this work and how other inspectors, who may deal with these companies, should liaise with the NLI.


Waste and recycling is defined as a high risk industry based on poor health and safety performance during recent years. The aim of this on-going initiative is to continue improving health and safety in these significant waste and recycling companies by:

This initiative will be coordinated by a National Project Officer (NPO) from FOD, who will liaise with NLIs and report to the Waste and Recycling Sector.



The NLI should


Each NLI will have a buddy. The buddy should:

National Project Officer (NPO)

The NPO will be an inspector from FOD and should:

Other HSE Inspectors

Other HSE inspectors should:


DIOs should:





  Number of days  
Year 1 5 to 8
  • Planning the intervention
  • Carrying out inspections, interviews etc
  • Following up progress with company action plan
Year 2 3 to 5
Year 3 onwards 1 to 2
  • Follow up visits to assess progress with action plan and to focus on topics identified by the Waste and Recycling Sector
Training per year/attendance at NLI Workshop 1
  • Briefing for new NLIs
  • Training on particular waste and recycling topics
  • Updates from Waste and Recycling Sector
  • Attendance at NLI workshop for companies

Recording & Reporting


Health & Safety

Inspecting waste and recycling activities has potential to expose HSE staff to health and safety risks. Inspectors should refer to HSE’s guidance for visiting staff on the intranet.

There are particular risks due to vehicle movements. Inspectors must wear high visibility clothing and appropriate footwear at all times and should ensure drivers and operators are aware of their presence.


 English may not be the first language of some of the operatives on waste and recycling sites.

Further references


Agriculture and Waste Sector - Waste Management and Recycling Team, HSE, Cardiff

Updated 2017-02-10