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International committee for regulatory authority research and development (ICRARD)



This SPC provides information on the purpose of ICRARD and its main feature, the IRCARD website. This SPC replaces SLC 2008/01 which has been withdrawn.


The purpose of ICRARD is to share knowledge about research programmes in the area of health, environment and safety in the offshore petroleum sector. Membership comprises the USA, Canada, the UK (represented by OSD5), Norway, Brazil, Mexico, The Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand, but is open to any country wishing to participate.

The ICRARD website provides easy access to extensive information about safety and environment offshore petroleum research projects in member countries, including links to key contacts, research programmes and publications.

One of the website’s main features is an advanced search engine, which indexes selected health, safety and environment websites of ICRARD member countries. This enables a full picture of research projects on selected topics worldwide to be easily obtained. The website thus provides an excellent source of information on national offshore petroleum and other safety related research programmes which may be of relevance to HID inspectors. Inspectors are therefore recommended to use the website before submitting proposals for HSE research on topics relating to the offshore sector.

Further details of HSE involvement with ICRARD can be found on TRIM

Further Information

Contact OSD5.

Updated 2012-03-26