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Post Acceptance Inspection Topics (PAITS) – Management and Use



This SPC outlines the basic principles which Topic Managers (TMs) should follow when dealing with the large number of existing PAITs which remain open on COIN. It also highlights that it is not acceptable for new PAITs to be created.


There are a large number of historical PAITs on COIN, many several years old, which must now be addressed as priorities.

New PAITs must not be created. Any non-compliance with a Safety Case is a breach of Regulation 16 of SCR05 and should be dealt with in accordance with our Enforcement Policy.

Dealing with existing PAITs

All low priority PAITs more than 2 years old must be removed from our systems by the TM.

PAITs assigned to staff who have left should also be removed if the TM considers them to be low priority. Residual high priority PAITs must then be reallocated to current staff.

High priority PAITs should have been closed out within one year of their creation. Where this has not been done, TMs must carefully consider the priority classification and remove any PAITs that have been wrongly classified.

Remaining high priority PAITs must now be followed-up immediately by onshore and/or offshore inspection as appropriate. All PAITs on our systems should be addressed by Q3 2011/2012.

Further information

Further advice can be obtained from Neil Dunford, OSD2.4, 01224 252596

Updated 2012-11-03