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Intervention overview record system



1. This SPC introduces the revised ‘traffic light’ process. The system does not provide a performance forecasting tool for offshore installations or duty holders; it makes possible the use of gap analysis and trending techniques based on the outcomes of recorded intervention work. This information will inform and improve the planning and targeting of future intervention activity.


2. The Inspection Business Panel and Divisional Management Team identified a need for a ‘traffic light’ methodology to record the results of interventions. This type of approach was a distinguishing feature of Key Programmes 2 and 3. From that experience, benefit and value were seen in applying a ‘traffic lights’ method to record outcomes in routine intervention work. A system was created, as described by SPC/enforcement/128.  Soon after implementation the system was withdrawn. It was found burdensome, subjective and difficult to operate satisfactorily. The Inspection Business Panel did work to identify improvements and designed a less elaborate, less subjective approach. Further refinements were made based on feedback from a pilot implementation of the revised system. Full implementation was postponed until the application of OSD’s model letter format was complete.


3. The fundamental principles of the (revised) system are that it is easy to understand, simple to administer, provides useful outputs and minimises burden. The procedure steps and process flow and responsibilities are tabulated in this document. Simply put, the IMT Focal Point Inspector for an offshore installation is responsible for providing Admin, by means of a form, with information concerning the outcome of inspections and investigations.  Specialists acting independently are responsible for informing the IMT Focal point about the outcome of interventions. The IMT Focal point records intervention outcomes as a score against various topic areas and current OSD projects. The score relates to a traffic-light colour. It is anticipated that the form will change periodically as projects are completed/started. Admin are responsible for using the information from the form to update an Intervention Overview Spreadsheet. The Intervention Overview Record Form is appended. The current version is held in TRIM Folder 4.5.3442. Regulatory functions - inspection - offshore division - OSD intervention overview records.

Intervention Overview Record Spreadsheet

4. The intervention overview record spreadsheet provides a basic tabulated picture of work the division performs through time. The spreadsheet can be easily filtered by end-users to display information of interest for their needs. An illustration is appended to this document (using dummy data). The current spreadsheet is  held in TRIM Folder

The spreadsheet record provides quick access to key information. Examples where this could be used include the identification of gaps and trends, assisting planning and review and providing signposts to detailed COIN information.

Coin Records

5. In future, the intervention overview scores may be recorded in COIN using a ‘Ratings’ Service Order. This approach is currently under development in HID as part of the COMAH re-modelling project. It is intended that a standalone ratings Service Order will be created, specifically to collate the information for each installation, and related to each Installation Intervention Plan case in COIN. More details on how to create the service order and use it will be provided in due course. Meantime, intervention overview scores will be recorded using the Overview Record Spreadsheet, and transferred across when the Service Order is ready.

Updated 23.02.10