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Ageing and Life Extension Inspection Programme: Administrative arrangements


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Fully open
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All OSD Inspectors


This SPC sets out the administrative arrangements in support the Ageing and Life Extension inspection programme.


The aims of this project are to identify duty holder’s approaches to the risks to asset integrity associated with ageing and life extension, to raise awareness of the need for specific consideration of ageing issues as a distinct activity within the asset integrity management process, to identify shortcomings in individual duty holder approaches and enforce an appropriate programme of remedial action and to work with the offshore industry to establish a common culture on the management of ageing installations.

Inspection programme

The inspection programme will run from April 2010 to March 2013 and 60 inspections are planned.  Project information is contained in Trim folder 4.5.3630.

Recording inspection

Inspectors should record their inspections on Coin in the normal way.

Copies of any enforcement notices served in response to this programme should be sent to the KP4 Delivery Manager.

Further information

Contact: KP4 Delivery manager

Updated 2012-05-01