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The basic health and safety mistakes crippling British industry

Man with his head in his hands.

Each year around 170 people are fatally injured at work and more than 100,000 serious injuries are reported to HSE. These incidents devastate lives, causing untold suffering and grief – not to mention millions of working days being lost as result and a cost to society of billions of pounds every year. What makes matters worse is that many of these incidents are caused by the same basic health and safety mistakes that have been injuring and killing people for decades. Inspectors routinely spot these failures when visiting workplaces across Britain, and have captured some shocking examples on their cameras

Poorly maintained or misused ladders

Man balancing dangerously on a makeshift trestle, along with other workers

Misused ladders

Dangerous work at height

Workers on a roof

Work at height

Inadequate safety guards on machines

Injury to hand due to inadequate safety guards on machines

Safety guards

Badly organised workplace transport

Digger fallen on its front

Workplace transport

Exposure to deadly asbestos fibres

Asbestos fibres in building

Asbestos fibres

Exposure to toxic paint vapours

Worker being exposed to toxic paint vapours

Toxic paint vapours

Creating clouds of silica dust

Worker creating clouds of silica dust

Silica dust

Damage caused by vibrating power tools

Hands that have been damaged caused by vibrating power tools

Vibrating power tools

Unhygienic welfare facilities

Unhygienic toilet

Unhygienic facilities

Updated: 2012-10-23